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New Abwicklungsschein

A new version of the Abwicklungsschein was introduced by the German Federal Ministry of Finance on 1 July 2014 to conform with the new SEPA banking system.

BFG Official Procurement Agencies (OPAs) are obtaining copies of these new forms for issue.

Whilst retailers should still accept the old forms, individuals should exchange them for the new version free of charge at their local OPA.

BFG Fuel Card

Applications for the new BFG Fuel Card will be accepted from 3 July 2014. The new Fuel Card will replace the current system of pre-payment fuel coupons. From 28 Nov 14, coupons will no longer be sold, so Entitled Personnel wishing to buy tax-free fuel for their vehicle will need a BFG Fuel Card. There are two types of application form: one for motorcycles and another one for all other vehicles.


Impaired Cycling

With the welcomed arrival of the World Cup and the BBQ season here in BFG it is important that we all understand the rules and regulations with regards to impaired cycling in Germany. This time of year many of us use our bicycles as a form of transport to get out and about to social functions as well as helping us lead a healthier lifestyle, however do you understand what is meant by impaired cycling and the after effects it can have on your personal life as well as career if you are caught!


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