BFSWS Central referral function has moved from Princess Royal Barracks in Gutersloh to Lipper Hell Weg in Bielefeld.

The new CRT telephone number is 0800-724-3176 and is in use with immediate effect (from outside Germany 0049 800 7243176). If you dial the old CRT numbers your call will be forwarded to the 0800 number. We intend to keep both numbers in action for a period of time until the new 0800 number is established. The new CRT fax number is 0521 9254 2625 mil: 81 2625

During routine sampling of the drinking water in Herford city germs have been found yet again. Further sampling is required to determine whether a germ contamination in the drinking water is present, or if the germs were caused by an error in the sampling. An update on the results is expected on Friday 31st July.

From 1st August the HIVE email address is changing to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. it will no longer be HIVE Europe,  just HIVE under HIVE UK.

As you will know, there are many places in BFG that are closing or have already closed. As a result, this means that although there are fewer RMP to police BFG, the community is also getting much smaller.  However, there is a plan to do things differently and to continue to deliver effective community policing.

Personnel should be reassured that HQ BFPO has a fall back plan, should the French go on strike at Calais and, Op STACK be called.  The default procedure (SOP) reroutes the mail truck through Felixstowe instead, with mail continuing to be delivered with an approximate 12 hrs delay into Germany and up to 24 hr delay to the customer (next morning delivery).  This system works effectively with Unit Post Orderlies advised immediately of any delay by 69 PC & MC Sqn FPO personnel and the customer rarely noticing any delay (unless the strike action happened over the weekend and no mail is delivered on a Monday).