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This section includes guidance on job search, pay scales, along with terms and conditions.

This section includes guidance on Service Children's Education and Early Years Childcare.

This section covers Medical and Dental information including contact details.

This section covers guidance to assist you through the process of vehicle registration.

This section covers how to apply for a Fuel Card and identify participating stations.

This section outlines how to safeguard the provision of the tax free concessions.

This section covers Early Years Childcare including guidance on nursery and childminding services.

This section covers matters pertaining to the safeguarding of children and vulnerable adults.

This section has links to organisations which can offer a range of support services.

This section covers housing processes including allocation, betterment and maintenance.

This section provides guidance on services offered by Army Legal and RAF Legal.

HIVE is an international information network for all of the Tri-Service community.

Exchange Rates

GAR: 1.20
FFR: 1.29

Local weather







Need to Know

The Forces Post Office on Mansergh Barracks will be closed on Monday 29th August 2016 due to a power outage.

‘Indulgence Passage’ is a facility whereby military, dependants and MOD sponsored civilians may take advantage of low cost flights between Paderborn and Birmingham...

The flight due to support the GATS service on 28 Aug 16 has been cancelled. Read on for further information and guidance.

The new booking system “CLARITY” is now live on DII from 15 Aug 2016.

Westfalen Garrison Notice Board

Bielefeld /

AWS Bielefeld will be registering young people for the Bielefeld Youth Centre on the following dates and times...


Housing Brief will take place on Tuesday 6 September 2016

Paderborn /

Paderborn AWS will be taking registration for all youth club projects

Paderborn /

The new school bus timings and numbers have now been made available and placed around Paderborn Station for parents to view before the new academic year begins.