There is good news for anyone importing a car into BFG from Monday 2nd March 2015. From that date you will no longer be required to change your registration plates when you register with BFG...

This article contains important information on the departure arrangements for personnel rebasing to the UK.

Service Personnel’s entitlement to hotel accommodation on departure from Germany and on arrival in UK is specified in JSP 752. Unit Welfare Officers or Regimental Admin Offices should be approached for specific details.

The entitlement for United Kingdom Based Civilians and Teachers (UKBC/T) is specified by DBS.

In both cases the arrangements allow time for belongings to be securely packed, moved, and delivered to your new home, and for your accommodation to be prepared for handing back.

The detail below explains how your hotel accommodation in Germany will be arranged. Separate arrangements are being made for Bergen-Hohne Garrison (Hohne and Fallingbostel), and for Westfalen Garrison.

The UK-based BeFrank Theatre Company are visiting Germany from 16th-19th Mar to perform a play titled ‘Do We Do The Right Thing?’. The play examines how we, as individuals and as a nation, engage with the act of remembrance.

The present bus service, which conveys pupils to and from school and youth clubs as well as soldiers to training areas and other venues, has been operating for over 4 – 5 months now. At the same time as the bus service commenced, the new Admin Transport Service was introduced using the BFG fleet of white minibuses. To determine if these two transport services are meeting the intended aims a satisfaction survey is now taking place...