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Centenary of the Declaration of War

The British Forces Philatelic Bureau has produced a special philatelic cover to mark the centenary of the Declaration of War on Germany on the 4th August 1914. This commemorative cover features one of the 1st Class stamps, “Private William Cecil Tickle”, from the set of special stamps issued by Royal Mail entitled 'The Great War'


Senne Information Day

The Senne Information Day will be held on Sunday 10 August 2014. It is an opportunity to learn about how we collectively look after, and experience the outstanding natural beauty of, the Senne Training Area. Although the Senne is a training area for British Forces in Germany, the upkeep of the area is a collaborative effort, supported by the British and German military, and the German civil authorities.


Civil Secretary Information Day

Details of the recent Civil Secretary Information Day have been published in the June/July edition of Defence People.


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