1. All members of BFG who are receiving or have applied for German Kindergeld should be aware of the increases to the rates of payment that have recently been announced. 
  2. The first increase of 4 Euros per child per month will be paid from 1 September but will be backdated to 1 Jan 2015.  Back payments for the period 1 Jan to 31 August will be paid as a lump sum in October.  The second increase of 2 Euros per month will be made effective and paid from 1 Jan 2016.

The use of social media is accepted by Defence and, when used appropriately, should be encouraged. The issue we face is not why or how we use social media, but how well we use it. There is a guide that tells you what is and isn’t acceptable social media behaviour for military personnel.
View the Social Media Info Card  to find out more.

North Yorkshire County Council are short-listed for an award for their work with Service children

The MOD’s Director of Children and Young People, Mike Cooper, would like to take this opportunity to congratulate North Yorkshire County Council for being nominated as finalists in The Children & Young People Now Awards 2015.

As the drawdown of British Forces Germany continues, the number of churches in which our community can enjoy worship are also being reduced. In order for the Royal Army Chaplains’ Department to provide continuity and an appropriate level of service across the Garrison, but with fewer personnel to deliver, there is a need to modify church timings.

Produced by SO2 Family Support, HQ Support Command. August 2015

  • I have heard that the rent on our house will be going up

  • I have not had a job for over four years, but I would now like to go back to work

  • Is there any funding that my child’s school can apply for in order to fund a specific project?

  • Information about my child does not always transfer between schools when we move