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Armed Forces Dependants’ Business Start-up Programme

Do you want to achieve your ambition of starting your own business, but lack the confidence, knowledge and resources?

The University of Wolverhampton has introduced a funded business start-up programme for Service Dependants offering support to start and maintain a business. The programme has been designed specifically for Armed Forces families, equipping participants with transferable skills and the ability to start a business regardless of location.



PEGIDA Demonstrations & Counter Demonstrations

HQ BFG Threat Awareness Notice (TAN) 016

Warning: BFG personnel should be advised to avoid the areas concerned at the dates and times detailed below. The community should also be reminded of the potential for other impromptu demonstrations for which there may be little or no advanced warning. In such cases, personnel should simply avoid the areas concerned and report incidents to local G2 Staffs.


Inter-Services Ice Sports Championships (ISISC)

The Inter-Services Ice Sports Championships are to be held at the Olympic Bob Track, La Plagne, France during the period 8-15 Mar 15.  This initial instruction gives the outline plan for the Championships and details the information to enable teams to make the necessary arrangements to attend.


Do you want to be your own boss?

A free Business Start-up course is being run by the University of Wolverhampton designed for military dependants.

This is an excellent opportunity for some free, first class support and mentoring if you are a talented dependant and are thinking about or want to start a business, especially as we continue to draw down in Germany.


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