FFR increases from €1.26 to €1.38

The Forces Fixed Rate of exchange (FFR) for Germany has increased to €1.38 with effect from 1st April 2015.

The FFR is used for pay-related matters to calculate currency equivalents of sterling allowances and entitlements paid in local currency. 

On the 01 April 2015, in line with MoD policy, SSAFA GSTT Care LLP on behalf of British Forces Germany Health Service are planning to update prescription charging in BFG in line with the FFR rate of 1.38 Euro. Updated posters will be displayed in medical centres and a patient leaflet will be available from your medical centres.

Bielefeld, Gutersloh, Herford & Paderborn Military Wives Choirs


Saturday 2nd May 2015 17:00hrs – 18:30hrs

As part of rebasing, Germany-based units have been issued Orders regarding their return to the UK...