There is to be a second demonstration by Alternative fur Deutschland (AfD) against the refugee issue in Germany.  At the same time four separate counter gatherings/demonstrations will take place in the general area of the town centre.  It is expected that there will be traffic disruption in the area and the demonstrations will be policed.  Whilst there is no expectation of violence, disturbances or conflict between the two groups cannot be ruled out.  The AfD demonstration and march will begin at approx 1830 hours from the Westerntor/Westernstrasse, (to the east of the main railway station), then march via Imadstr, Ferdinandstr to Bahnhofstr ending at approx 2130 hours.  The counter demonstrations will gather at Marienplatz, Rathausplatz and Neuenplatz in the area of the town centre from approx 1730 hours before marching along a similar route to the AfD demonstration from approx 1930 hours.


Given the possibility of confrontation at either of these demonstrations or between the two groups BFG personnel are advised to avoid the area where possible.  The community is also reminded of the potential for other impromptu demonstrations for which there might be little or no warning.  In such cases, personnel should avoid the area of the disturbance and report any incidents to the service police. 

The Op KEENWIND Counter Terrorist Response Level is NORMAL

The Threat Level to BFG from International Terrorism is assessed as MODERATE

Accessibility to FS1 & Childcare Settings Survey

If so, can you please spend a couple of minutes of your time to complete the ‘Accessibility to FS1 & Childcare Settings Survey’ at the following link:

This survey has been produced by Westfalen Garrison, in partnership with AWS and the Early Years Service, with the aim of gathering community feedback on how accessible FS1 and childcare settings are within BFG, and to identify potential areas for development that could improve accessibility.

Please note: this is not a survey on the performance and facilities within settings; these are assessed and inspected by Ofsted.

If you have any feedback that does not fit within the survey, then please feel free to drop an email to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Action to take if contacted by a German law firm

If you have received a letter from a German law firm specialising in claims against unlawful downloading, or the file sharing of music or films and you are not sure what to do, we have some simple advice on how to approach the issue.

10 things you need to know about registering as an overseas voter

1. UK nationals who have been registered to vote in the UK within the last 15 years can register as an overseas elector, to be able to vote in UK Parliamentary General Elections, UK-wide referendums, and European Parliamentary elections...