from Directorate Children and Young People (DCYP)

The mobile nature of the Armed Forces may mean that children of Service personnel change schools more frequently than their peers; although for some of those moving back from Germany this may actually be the first time that they have been within the UK education system. 

From 1 July 2015 a new regulation came into force in France forbidding all drivers from wearing any device capable of emitting sound in their ear. 

This applies to all road users driving with a steering wheel (truck, van, and car) or a handlebar (motorbike, scooter, moped, and bicycle). The prohibition applies not only to telephone conversations but also to music and radio whenever the sound passes through a device in contact with the ears. This new decree complements the existing prohibition from using a handheld mobile phone whilst driving and is a class 4 offence, making the driver liable to a fine of €135 (and deduction of three points for French national drivers).

The Army Rebasing Program is well underway and will soon see a number of Stations throughout British Forces Germany (BFG) start to close down with Units and personnel rebasing into new locations within Germany or returning to the UK this summer.  Consequently several British Forces Post Offices (BFPOs) will close.

The Army Movement Guide is soon to be shown on BFBS TV. Also, the short features on Rebasing to the locations Albemarle, York, Catterick, Stafford and Leuchars will be televised, rotated and repeated.

The first run on BFBS extra is from 7th to 16th July at 1500 Central European Time (CET) (and repeated the following morning at 1005 CET ahead of the next new one at 1500 CET) and will pair with the location guides.

The second run will play on BFBS sport from 17th to 24th July inclusive and will follow live coverage of the Tour de France at around 1730 CET.  On all theses dates, the Army Movement Guide will be followed by the Location Guides.

BFPO customers should be aware that due to the ongoing Calais strike action restricting movement of the Daily BFG mail schedule that mail to and from UK is currently experiencing erratic delays. Should the strike become protracted then BFPO will endeavour to move the mail through alternate means.

To further complicate matters, Deutsche Post / DHL are currently struggling to maintain their normal schedules due to a series of local strikes. 

BFPO and 69 PC & MC Sqn continue to do everything in their power to maintain the BFG postal service and have assured HQ BFG that Germany X-Post will continue as normal.