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This section covers job search, pay scales, along with terms and conditions.

This section covers Service Children's Education and Early Years Childcare.

This section covers Medical and Dental info. including contact details.

This section covers guidance on vehicle registration processes.

This section covers how to apply for a fuel card and identify participating stations.

This section covers guidance on safeguarding the tax-free provision.

This section covers guidance on nursery and childminding services.

This section covers guidance on safeguarding children and vulnerable adults.

This section provides inks to support organisations.

This section covers processes including location, betterment and maintenance.

This section outlines services offered by Army Legal and RAF Legal.

This section lists emergency and station telephone numbers.

Exchange Rates

GAR: 1.18
FFR: 1.18

Local Weather







Need to Know

Updated instruction regarding pay reporting procedures, which apply to Dependant Employees in Units and Schools.

Members of the BFG community using the ferry port of Zeebrugge should be aware of disturbances between Belgian police and groups of migrants in and around the port.

Key Information and Advice.

Advice to assist drivers with the challenges of winter driving.

Westfalen Garrison Notice Board


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Short Breaks and Volunteer


January and February activities