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IACS Passes

Until recently, in accordance with Standing Instruction BFG 3216, all NATO personnel assigned to Germany, and their dependants, were granted access to US Army Europe and US Air Force Europe bases by using an Installation Access Control System Pass (IACS pass).


We have now been informed that due to an amendment to the US Air Force Europe (Ramstein) instruction on access control, only NATO members assigned to Headquarters Allied Air Command Ramstein will be allowed entry.


Tax Disc Changes

From 01 October 2014, the paper vehicle tax disc will no longer need to be displayed on the windscreen of UK registered vehicles including those registered with BFG/MOD. This change will mean the removal of an administrative inconvenience for many millions of motorists.


New BFG Bus and Coach Contract

The new BFG bus and coach contract, which comes into force on 1st September 2014, ensures the provision of a flexible and adaptable transport service until drawdown in BFG is complete. The current Bielefeld-based provider, Busverkehr Ostwestfalen GmbH has successfully secured the new contract. You will see no change to the primary and secondary school bus routes, after school activities, youth club buses, airport runs and the moving of soldiers to military training areas.


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