Change To Headlights Requirements For Roadworthiness Inspections On BFG Registration And Operation Of Vehicles In Germany (SO BFG 3213)

Historically BFG car owners have had to purchase European Headlights for permanent driving in right hand traffic systems, i.e. driving on the right in Germany.  With the advent of new technology some modern vehicles are fitted with headlights that are fitted with mechanical/electrical or software activated converters that change the headlight beam pattern to a flat beam, thus eliminating dazzle for oncoming vehicles.  Hitherto, though, such conversion has been deemed inadequate to meet the requirement imposed upon BFG under international law to ensure that adequate safety measures are in place for BFG vehicles.  However, having regard to the approach taken for vehicle testing in the UK, there is now greater confidence that the use of converters would meet the legal requirements placed on BFG.  There is disquiet within the BFG Community over the need to change front headlight units and the cost imposed, especially for those who purchase a vehicle that requires external computer assistance to change the head light beam configuration.

Policy Change.

With effect from Monday 11 March 2013 the policy has been changed so that those who purchase a vehicle which have headlights with factory-fitted mechanical/electrical or software activated converters, such as Xenon, with the ability to change the lights to a flat beam can now BFG Register their vehicles under the same procedures for those personnel who have European Headlights fitted, i.e. tested by a BFG Test Centre within 45 days of registration.  Paragraph 14 to, Annex A to, Section 4 to, SO BFG 3213, has been amended to incorporate this change in Policy.


Further Information

Headlights must be suitable for permanent driving in right hand traffic systems, i.e. driving on the right. For all vehicles, less LHD vehicles not previously registered in the UK , either Continental headlights are to be fitted, or lights that are fitted with an internal mechanical or electrical convertor such as Bi Xenon that have the ability to change the lights to a flat beam. All vehicles must still undergo a Light Test.