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Gütersloh lies approximately halfway between Hannover and Dortmund , so is ideally situated for exploring Germany.

Gütersloh Location Overview

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Punchlines is the Westfalen community magazine, produced every 2 months and is free to entitled personnel.

Sixth Sense is the Forces weekly newspaper which is free to entitled personnel.

Check the SSVC Forces Cinema listings.

BFBS provides a range of radio and television programmes.

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We constantly review and update our security procedures, which are for the benefit of all, and we need your help and support to keep BFG safe. Please take note of these precautionary measures.

All SFA occupants are required to complete this document and provide utility meter readings to allow DIO to balance each XY account.

Information and advice on steps to take when reporting routine and emergency incidents plus reporting suspicious activity.

This guide provides advice to assist drivers in coping with the challenges of winter driving. It is in your best interests to familiarise yourself with the suggestions and ask for advice if needed.

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