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Welcome to Herford Hive

Unfortunately Herford HIVE has now closed its doors for the last time. If you require assistance please contact another HIVE Europe office.


For those new to BFG the list of things to do and organise in your first few days and weeks can be daunting. HIVE staff are here to signpost you in the right direction and offer a confidential referral service for any concerning or serious issues you may have whether newly arrived or well established in BFG.  Offices mentioned here are generally open Mon-Fri but may close for lunch. Call ahead to be sure.


A little about the Herford area …

Herford Station is part of the Gutersloh Garrison Barracks.  It comprises of Harewood, Hammersmith & Wentworth camps which are all located around the town centre.  Herford was once a thriving walled market town and traces of the original wall can still be seen along the rivers Aa and Werre. 

Today Herford town has a number of streets of old fashioned houses, which now accommodate modern shops and a number of very good restaurants bare witness to the town’s 1200 years of history.  It is also famous for its many factories and workshops plus the ‘Herforder Brewery' and the MARTa Modern Art Museum.

The town’s close proximity to the A2 autobahn also allows access to many other parts of Germany and the Teutoburger Wald region with its host of outdoor attractions, woodland and walking areas.  

Getting settled in …

If this is your first time in BFG or you have arrived from another BFG Garrison we welcome you and look forward to seeing you in HIVE.  In the meantime here are a few pointers to get you started on your new posting.

Quartering areas …
These are in several locations in and around Herford plus outlying towns (Bad Salzuflen and Bad Oeynhausen) and for those wanting more information on housing allocations contact the Housing Office and speak to the Assistant Housing Officer
Mil 995 3001 / 3833 civ: 0049 (0) 5221 995 3001 / 3833.

What to do when you arrive …

For new arrivals the Welfare Centre (Home Rhino) on Hammersmith Barracks should be your first port of call when arriving in station, tel: 0049 (0) 5221 995 3353
All family documentation is completed here and includes the issue of NAAFI shopping permits, Dependant ID cards and most other administrative tasks.  There is also a lounge with tea and coffee available, plus a large well equipped children's play area with ball pool, which children will love.  All of this combines to make a very effective friendly families centre, so please call in.

Vehicles …

Anyone with a vehicle and new into the Station should visit the BFG office in the Bradley Centre on Hammersmith Barracks upon arrival to start the vehicle registration process.  Contact: 0049 (0) 5221 995 3355.  

Schools, Medical & Leisure facilities …

The primary school for Herford Station is on Wentworth Barracks, Lister school.  The secondary school is Kings School in Gutersloh.
Herford Station has many amenities.  These include a Medical & Dental Centre (MRS), NAAFI, SSVC shop, travel agents, PRI shop, Gymnasium, Cinema, plus much, much more.
For a full listing please refer to the What’s On Page on this website or contact us at the HIVE.