Welcome to Paderborn Station
including Paderborn, Sennelager, Bad Lippspringe, Schlangen and Elsen

Please be aware that the DAS stores will be closed on Tue 18 Aug, due to essential electrical work in Athlone Barracks. Normal service will be resumed on Wed 19 Aug 2015.


Apologies for any inconvenience caused.

This week’s record breaking attempt at Sennelager Library is…


Set the fastest time to get dressed!

Please read more for the Summer Opening Times of Sennelager and Barker Libraries. 

There are numerous safety works taking place on the Normandy Barracks electrical system, and therefore will be no power to the TSU buildings on Tue 04 Aug. The TSU office will, therefore, be closed and transports tasks will be on a reduced service. Please read for for the summary the functions and their availability on Tue 04 Aug.

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