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Paderborn Station News

Author Talk - Mr Con Coughlin - The 'Telegraph' Defence Editor


Wednesday 15 October 2014: 1000hrs - NATO Mess, Normandy Barracks
Free admission - reserve a place via Sennelager library before 10 October 2014

Patient Participation Group

Wed 17 Sep in the MRS, Sennelager

A PPG Meeting will be held on 30th September at Barker Barracks , full details to follow.

Paderborn Station Commander's Drop In - Friday 5th September

The Station Commander would like to say to all the residents of Paderborn Station that he is very much customer focussed. The Community Support Warrant Officer and the new Community Liaison Officer will be engaging actively with the Community over the coming months. The Station is forging closer relationships with the Army Welfare Services to provide a better quality of service. No problem is too small or too great.


Aral Fuel Card


Please note, you will receive an email stating when your Aral Fuel Card is ready to be collected. PLEASE DO NOT go to collect your Fuel Card unless you have been notified that it has arrived. Once you have received your email, your BFG fuel card and BFG form 73A can be collected from the SO staff located within the VLO office on Normandy Barracks, from 0900 to 1400 Mon - Thurs or 0900 - 1200 on Fridays.



Welcome Home C Squadron (Warthog Group) QRH from HERRICK 20 - September 2014 Op


Sunday the 7th of September saw the return of 83 soldiers serving with C Squadron (Warthog Group), QRH from Op HERRICK 20. A lone piper, piped the two coaches up to the parade ground, where families gathered eagerly awaiting the return of their loved ones. One such family was Mrs Newbury, who with her 2 children were excitedly waiting for her husband to return with their homemade banners. Mrs Newbury said " It has been a long tour, as my husband has been away since May and I moved house on my own with two children, but we are all happy to see him return. “ To make her day even more special Cpl Newbury surprised his wife with a big bunch of flowers.



Welcome Wednesday - 10 Sep 14

Welcome Wednesday was held this morning in the Normandy Welfare Centre. The morning was an opportunity for the community to get together for a coffee and a chat - not to mention the variety of homemade cakes that were on offer.
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