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Due to the relocation of the Housing Support Office (HSO) from Barker Barracks to Normandy Barracks, new dog tags have been ordered with the amended contact details on. Members from the HSO will be visiting the 1AMR Grand Opening on Mon 01 Sep to enable all with registered dogs to exchange their tags free of charge. It is hoped to visit all Units to offer the same service to the entire community, schedule to follow. However, anyone who is unable to attend such events may also come into the office direct.


“How can we help?” 

This is a question that has dominated the hearts and minds of the BFG community since Nepal was struck by series of earthquakes earlier this year. The most devastating effect was felt on Sat 25 Apr, when the earthquake, measuring 7.8 magnitude, flattened large parts of the capital Kathmandu, and caused devastation across the improvised Himalayan nation. This is Nepal’s worst natural disaster in 80 years, displacing around 2.8 million Nepalese. 


Out Now: Punchlines September/October 2015

The next edition of Punchlines can be viewed online at http://bfgnet.de/…/p…/punchlines-september-october-2015.html.

This edition contains a round up of all that has gone on within Paderborn Station over the Summer period, from the farewell to QDG and welcome to 1AMR, to the Volunteer's Reception and AWS summer activities. There is something for everyone.

The AWS will be running three Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) Courses. 

These FREE courses are open to everyone and will be delivered from the AWS, Building 85, Normandy Bks, Sennelager. 
If you are interested in attending please contact Jenny Mather on 05254 982 4340

St John Ambulance BFG are offering free first aid training courses throughout September and October. Please read more for full details. 

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