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The Challenge

British Forces Germany (BFG) is an almost 9,000 strong community of service personnel, civilians, their dependant families and locally employed labour. Working as part of a diverse team in a military environment will allow you to develop personal and professional competencies over and above the norm for Defence. The team is committed to delivering an all-round high quality services to the community. While the British Forces are rebasing to the UK, Germany remains one of our most important European allies. The 2015 Strategic Defence and Security Review referred to intensifying the Defence and Security bilateral relationship, so what we do here, and how we go about it, is important in supporting a broader Government priority to build and maintain close relations with one of the most powerful nations in Europe.


The Package

In order to provide the optimum balance of opportunity to serve overseas, as well as stability and certainty of role in a changing organisation, our intention, where possible, will be to offer postings to Germany for as long as possible. However in the main, a common overseas tour end date of 30 Sept 2019 will be applied, except for specific drawdown related posts, which will be stated in the Job Advert. As drawdown activity increases across BFG, flexibility of both staff and BFG will be key. Wherever possible, tour lengths will be honoured however, staff may need to be Post Rotated and or undertake alternative tasks in order to achieve this.


The attractive package for this post includes a tax-free Cost of Living Allowance (COLA) which is variable and related to family size. A tax free transfer grant is also payable based on your housing and marital status. Accommodation is provided free and is usually very close to your place of work and other British families. Utilities are also free (within set limits). The opportunity now exists for unmarried staff to serve in BFG and reside with their long term partners, provided they can demonstrate SOWER status prior to posting, unfortunately retrospective authority cannot be granted. As unmarried staff cannot currently occupy SFA together, an Overseas Rent Allowance has now been introduced in BFG.


A high quality healthcare service is provided to NHS (England) standards under an MOD contract and schooling, provided by MOD Schools, is also free for children aged 3 to 18. There are numerous out of school clubs including scouting, guiding and a wide variety of sports. There are also Defence-run cinemas, restaurants and shops (NAAFI) at most camps and BFBS provides free access to UK television channels. The NATO Status of Forces Agreement in Germany also allows serving members of the armed forces, civilian employees and their entitled families to benefit from VAT-free shopping when ordering from the UK or purchasing goods from German retailers. Whilst this benefit isn’t significant for small purchases it can provide substantial savings when making large purchases e.g. vehicles, electrical items or fuel.


In addition there are numerous employment opportunities for dependant family members to work for BFG, with competitive tax free salaries, in areas such as administration, learning support and childcare.


The Country

Germany is in the heart of Europe with an excellent road and high-speed rail network connecting it with its neighbouring countries of Denmark, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Switzerland, Austria, the Czech Republic and Poland. Germany is an active country with a wide range of leisure and sporting opportunities including summer, winter and water sports like football, golf, cycling, skiing and sailing. Many Germans are excellent English speakers but the community spirit across British Forces Germany is strong so, if you prefer, there are plenty of British-run social groups, events and sporting activities for you and your family to take part in. In fact, voluntary work in running clubs or events is encouraged and can be an excellent way to meet people and make friends across the BFG community.



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COLA Rates

SOWER Status Arrangements Entitlements prior to Trans Overseas v1 2014-U.pdf