Move Out standards for rented properties

Q.I live on a small patch of houses, rented from German landlords (as opposed to Federal housing) in Bad Lippspringe. I am now the last person in my street and all the houses, bar none, have undergone serious renovation on handover. This includes, in all cases, the carpets being ripped up and the walls painted. If we are under no obligation to repaint or re-carpet these houses, must we be still be held accountable for their condition on march out, or can the rules be relaxed?

Recognition of the UK driving licence post BREXIT

Q.Considering the EU notice to stakeholders issued 19/1/18 on the Field of Road Transport. It states that UK driving licences will no longer be recognised by Union members after withdrawal, but is regulated by member states. What if anything do we have in BFG to alleviate any possible issues?

Impact of BREXIT to BFG personnel

Q.Please could we have any further information around how Brexit may affect BFG personnel after March 2019? In particular how does Kindergeld affect Forces families?

Future provision of NAAFI stores

Q.With the intention of keeping approximately 750 serving personal plus families here in Germany. Will there also be a Naafi shop for those staying to use?


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