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Ask the Commander - Guide for Submitting Questions / Comments

How to Submit a Question

  1. Questions or comments are submitted on our secure forms site.
  2. Limit of one question/comment per entry.
  3. Contact information is necessary when submitting a question so that you are sent a response, clarification can be obtained if necessary, or directing on a more appropriate route for your question. You may elect to have your personal details withheld and in that circumstance, they would only be available to the communications team for the purposes outlined above.
  4. Commander BFG will aim to respond to a question within five working days but some responses may take longer due to their complexity or the need to obtain further information from subject matter experts.  Where possible, you will be kept informed of progress.
  5. Questions which are deemed to be along a similar theme may be grouped together and receive a single response.
  6. In all cases you will receive an honest answer – although that may not necessarily be the answer you were seeking.
  7. All submissions will receive an email response but those with a broader community focus or interest may also be published elsewhere, such as on BFGnet.

Unsuitable Questions

Some questions may be unsuitable for the Ask the Commander forum, such as when:

  1. The question concerns a personal grievance or local management issue.
  2. A similar question has been answered previously.  Please see the Ask the Commander - Responses page for previous answers.  Where possible, you will be directed to the previous answer.
  3. The question contains rude, abusive or offensive language.
  4. The question is not BFG-related.

 General Guidance Before Submitting a Question 

  1. Consider if there is a more appropriate way or place to ask your question.  For example, through the chain of command or directly with the service owner or deliverer.
  2. Check if it has been asked already – all questions and responses will remain online under the Ask the Commander section on BFGnet.
  3. This is not a route for general complaints or for people or line management issues but to highlight where improvements can be made or provide clarity.


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