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Are you ready for your inspection?

This document gives guidance on the inspection process for registered childminders and childcare providers on the Early Years Register, the Childcare register or both registers. It explains how provision will be inspected by BFEYS, and what you can do to be ready for, and get the most out of, your inspection.

Download: Are you ready for your inspection?

Newsletter Spring 2018

Childminders Newsletter Spring 2018

Spring 2018 Newsletter

Tax Free Childcare 2018

Tax-Free Childcare is an online service to help parents with the cost of their childcare.

For every £8 parents pay into their account, the Government pay in an extra £2, up to a maximum of £2,000 per child, per year. The Government top up is added instantly and electronic payments can then be made directly to you as the childcare provider.

It was introduced to parents of the youngest children early 2017 and was gradually rolled out so that all parents were able to apply by the end of 2017.

Tax-Free Childcare will replace childcare vouchers over time. The current childcare voucher scheme will remain open to new entrants until October 2018. Parents using the scheme at that date will be able to continue using it for as long as their employer offers it and they remain with that employer.

Childcare providers can receive payments from both schemes (though the same family can't use both).

You as the Childcare provider need to have signed up to receive payments from parents through Tax-Free Childcare.

Please visit:


Tax Free Childcare Toolkit

Parents poster for childminders to display

This is a poster for you to print in colour and display with your Certificate of Registration to highlight to parents the benefits of using a registered childminder. If you would like a hard copy posted to you, please contact us.

8.6 Parents info poster

The next steps when a provider is judged inadequate

This is an Ofsted document to help guide you through the process after an "inadequate" inspection.

8.5 The next steps when a provider is judged inadequate

The MOD requirements: Childcare and Voluntary Register

This factsheet describes the requirements set out in regulations for both parts of the Childcare Register (compulsory and voluntary), for childminders and home childcarers. Further requirements may be specified under SO BFG 3218, Childminding Coordinators can provide further details on this document. 

Download: 8.3 The MOD requirements: Childcare and Voluntary Register

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