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The MOD Requirements: Early Years Register

This factsheet outlines the requirements of the Early Years Register relating to written records and implementation of policy. Full legal requirements for all providers on this register are set out in the Statutory Framework for the Early Years Foundation Stage and SO BFG 3218 (Childminding Coordinators can provide further details on this document).

Download: 8.2 The MOD Requirements: Early Years Register

Guide to registration on the MOD Early Years Register

This guidance gives potential childminders practical information about registering on the MOD Early Years Register. It can help applicants decide whether to apply for registration and explains the process BFEYS goes through to decide if someone is suitable for registration.

Download: 8.1Guide to registration on the MOD Early Years Register

Self Evaluation Form for Early Years Providers

Self-evaluation is key to improving your Childminding service, however it is no longer compulsory to do this using the Self Evaluation Form. (SEF)

As of 1 April 2018, the early years self-evaluation form (SEF), which providers can use to prepare for inspection, will no longer be compulsory.

While you still need to be able to evaluate the care and activities your setting provides, and how well it is meeting the learning needs of children to a BFEYS inspector, you do not need to do this in a specific format. Your assessment should be part of your normal processes and not generated solely for inspection purposes.

Download:Self Evaluation Form
Download: Self Evaluation Form guidance

Guidance to Transfer Childminding Registration from BFEYS

Childminders can transfer from BFEYS to Ofsted or SSAFA (SSAFA cover areas such as Cyprus and Gibraltar). The process for transfers is the same for either organisation. BFEYS cannot transfer childminders to Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland as Ofsted do not cover these countries.

By transferring their registration the childminder does not have to go through the complete vetting procedures again. The childminder will have to complete a registration visit, and Ofsted/SSAFA reserve the right to request additional checks.

Download: Guidance to Transfer Childminding Registration from BFEYS

Keep your details up to date

You must tell BFEYS in advance about any changes that will affect your childcare.

This could include changes to:

  • the premises that affect the care of the children
  • the provider or their contact details
  • the staff or adults living on the childminding premises
  • the hours that childcare is provided
  • anything that might affect the suitability of anyone on the premises to look after children

The Statutory Framework for the Early Years Foundation Stage outlines the full list of changes you must report. Please contact us to inform us of any necessary changes.

If you are moving home within British Forces Germany, you can inform us of address changes and request to transfer your registration to another station using the Change of Details notification form. You will require a new Certificate of Registration when moving premises and may not provide childcare at your new address until you have received this.

Download: Change of Details notification form

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