Inspection Reports - Childminders

Unique Reference Number MODBFEYSBFGCMP7186

Please Note: This childcare provider is no longer registered in BFG.


On this page you can read the registration conditions for this provider and the date of the last inspection.  To protect the privacy of providers on domestic premises, we do not show their names or addresses.


If you require details of childcare providers in your area, you can call the local British Forces Early Years Service or Army Welfare Service.


About the provider

Description Childminder
Date of registration 09-12-2015
Location 33175 Bad Lippspringe


Register type

  Yes No
Early Years Register X  
Compulsory Childcare Register X  
Voluntary Childcare Register X  


Conditions of registration*

No conditions of registration are placed on this provider.


*Conditions are restrictions that British Forces Early Years Service places on registration. Providers must meet these conditions at all times they provide registered care, as well as other requirements for registration. It is an offence not to meet conditions unless the provider has a reasonable excuse. If there are no conditions displayed then British Forces Early Years Service has not restricted the registration.

Please note that a new Early Years Foundation Stage came into effect in September 2012. This changed the way we register providers on the MOD Early Years Register: most providers now do not have conditions of registration, as the requirements they must meet are set out clearly in the revised Early Years Foundation Stage.


Latest reports

Inspection date Report Link
12-10-2016 Open Report
10-10-2018 Open Report