There are different flu vaccines for different groups of people: 

  • Children 
  • 65 and over
  • Those identified as specifically at risk (including pregnant women). 

Personal letters have been sent to all eligible persons who are registered at the medical centre inviting them to book an appointment. 

If you do not receive a letter and think you need a flu vaccination, please contact Bielefeld medical centre for an appointment. Tel: 0521 9254 3131.

65 years and over

The vaccine has arrived and invitation letters have been sent out. Please call Bielefeld medical centre to arrange an appointment soon as possible. Tel: 0521 9254 3131.

Children aged 2-10 years as part of the routine immunisation schedule

The vaccine is expected to be available in late October.

  • Children aged 2-3 will be offered an appointment at the medical centre.
  • Children aged 4-10 who are pupils in Attenborough school will be offered the vaccination in school. If preferred, an appointment can be made at the medical centre.
  • All other children aged 4-10 should make an appointment at the medical centre.

Children aged 6 months to 18 years in a clinical risk group 

An appointment is required for the vaccination to be given at the medical centre (unless the child is a pupil at Attenborough School –see above). 

Those identified as specifically at risk (including pregnant women)

The vaccine is expected late October.As soon as the date is confirmed, you can make an appointment to have the vaccination at the medical centre. 

Please check www.patient-wise.deregularly for updates and for more information about your flu vaccination. If you have any queries please contact Bielefeld medical centre. Tel: 0521 9254 3131.