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How is hearing damaged?

Unprotected exposure to loud noises such as weapons fire for instance damages your hearing no matter how tough you are.

Hearing can be damaged by:

  • A single extremely loud event.
  • The progressive effect of repeated exposure to noise over time.

In the course of military duty you will all be exposed to many different sources of loud noise:

  • Impulse noises such as weapon fire and explosives.
  • Steady state or ‘continuous noise’ such as machinery, armoured vehicles and helicopters.
  • Music such as marching bands, bugles, pipes and drums.

Listening to loud music for long periods can damage your hearing which could lead to hearing loss or Tinnitus. Difficulty following conversation is often the first effect of hearing loss. It can lead to feelings of social isolation.

Protect your Hearing

Always use the correct hearing protection(DIIF access only) for you. This can change depending on what sort of work you are doing.

Hearing Tests and Reporting Problems

It is also really important that you report (to your Chain of Command or the Medical Centre) any problems with your hearing as soon as possible such as:

  • Muffled or loss of hearing.
  • Buzzing or ringing in the ears.
  • Pain.
  • Any other problems with your hearing.

Hearing loss may lead to medical downgrading or discharge.



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