Barker Barracks Medical and Dental Centres will close on 28th February 2019.

Patients will be transferred to Sennelager Medical and Dental Centres on Normandy Barracks.

Admin Transport Service (ATS) transport will be running as normal between Paderborn and Sennelager and you should call 05254 982 2842 to book transport as required. Please remember to book before 1500hrs the day before your apppointment.

There is no scheduled return transport, please call the number above when you have finished your appointment and transport will be sent to collect you.

If a same day emergency appointment is given by the MRS/Dental Centre then ATS transport can be requested on the day.

Don't Forget!

You will need to book transport before 1500hrs the day before your appointment.

You MUST tell the transport clerk how many people will be travelling.

If you require a child seat, please let the transport clerk know at the time of booking.

Remember that the Medical and Dental Centres are not co-located so please state which you will be needing transport for on both outgoing and returning bookings.