Should you need to speak to a doctor for advice, the Duty GP can be contacted during the times shown above. Duty GP: 01738 873 534

If you feel you need immediate care and cannot wait until the Medical Centre reopens, please attend your local A&E department without delay.

If you attend A&E, please call the Hospital Hotline to inform the Patient Support Team. They can advise on your nearest A&E department if you are unsure where to go, and will provide support regarding your hospital care.

Hospital Hotline: 0800 588 9936.

In an emergency requiring an ambulance, call 112 and then call the Hospital Hotline to inform the Patient Support Team.


Don’t forget....

  • To order repeat prescriptions in good time before the closure period. Sennelager Dispensary: 05254 982 4985.
  • To stock up on some over-the-counter medicines and first aid kit, for your medicine cabinet.
  • If you are travelling outside Europe during the Christmas break, you may require vaccinations. To make an
  • appointment to discuss this with your GP call Sennelager Medical Centre: 05254 982 2414.
  • You must have personal holiday insurance. This is especially relevant if you have an accident as a result of
  • a winter or extreme sport whilst away from your firm base location.

For further information about your healthcare see or Facebook page BFG/EJSU Healthcare