The SEND Roadshow took place in Germany on 7th and 8th November. Professionals from DCYP, representatives from Wiltshire County Council, North Yorkshire County Council and Germany SENDCOs met families and offered personalised advice and guidance to a total of 38 families who have children with SEND.

Information included:

  • How to find schools in any of the locations families are going to
  • The importance of getting the admission paperwork sorted
  • How to find information about the SEND support which schools in England offer using their websites
  • What questions to ask their new school SENDCOs
  • How Germany SENDCOs will be supporting the transition
  • How Germany SENDCOs will be sharing information with the forwarding SENDCOs
  • The differences between paperwork and processes in England and MoD schools
  • Resources available in specific local authorities and how these may differ from MoD schools
  • The importance of sharing information about additional needs in families on the housing form E11 32

The feedback from parents and all professionals was overwhelmingly positive. The Germany SENDCOs have been working extremely hard with individual families. An MOD Transfer of Information Pack will be sent directly to the schools by each child’s SENDCOs. If you require any information about your child’s transition during the Germany rebasing, your first point of contact will be the child’s school based SENDCO.