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Bielefeld Station

Just to let you know - this page will no longer be updated.

Take a look at the new Community page which is the replacement for this one.

We have also added a Community News section where you can see events that have taken place across BFG.

Bielefeld Weather

Few clouds


Few clouds

Humidity: 67%

Wind: E, 6.2 k/h

Sunrise: 07:23 Sunset: 17:55

Need to Know

Recently there have been a few incidents which have raised concerns regarding security. You can help in keeping our community safe by reporting suspicious incidents or activity.

Have you lost your passport or had it stolen? Has it expired or is it unavailable to allow you to travel urgently? All applications for ETD’s are now to be made online. Read on to find out more...

Childcare Voucher scheme or Tax-Free childcare, which one is right for you?

Learn how to protect yourself, your family and your devices with these online safety basics.

Bielefeld Notice Board


You now have until Friday 9th February to apply


Need help quitting? Help is at hand.


Deadline for applications is 28 February 2018


Bookings from Thursday 1 March. Only 40 euros