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Broken clouds


Broken clouds

Humidity: 86%

Wind: SW, 7.2 k/h

Sunrise: 08:26 Sunset: 16:14

Need to Know

Posted to the UK between 14th Dec and 2nd Jan, BFG C&I will issue your BFG NOVA or NMT NOVA if the application is received no later than 13 Dec 17.

On Friday 1st December a suspect package was delivered to a Chemist near the Potsdam Xmas market causing the market to be evacuated.

As well as a time for giving, Xmas can also be a time for taking. Read this advice to ensure you are not a victim of crime this Christmas....

Stay Safe this festive season. Read on to understand the threat and what you should do in the unlikely event of being caught up in an terrorist incident.....

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Closures over the Christmas period.


7-13 April, 2018, Zell am See, Austria


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