What do I need to do to import a tax free vehicle into Germany?

You need to request an import certificate (known as a BFG Form 80). To do this you need to complete an application form ( BFG Form 60).

What tax and duty free services am I entitled to?

Ref SOs BFG 5203, 5205.

  1. You are entitled to shop tax and duty free in the NAAFI.
  2. You are entitled to purchase rationed goods (cigarettes, coffee, gin...

When do I become entitled to tax free goods?

You become entitled to tax free goods and services in Germany when you are taken on strength permanently. Registration on the G1 Personal Services database completes this process and is done as part of your booking-in process. You will be issued with a NAAFI Ration Card by your welfare office.

Can I buy a tax free vehicle before I arrive in BFG?

Yes. Providing you have an assignment order you may purchase a vehicle tax free under the export scheme.

How long can I keep a tax free vehicle in the UK before I need to take it out of the UK?

You have 60 days from the date of UK registration to export it from the UK and 45 days from its date of arrival in Germany to register it with the BFG Vehicle Licensing Office.

What will happen if I don’t export the vehicle on time?

This is known as a change of intent. You may be subject to a tax demand and a BFG sanction.

My vehicle is tax paid; I want to take with me, what do I have to do?

As with a tax free vehicle you need to import it prior to BFG registration. You need a BFG Form 80.

My car has been BFG registered before, I want to take it with me again on this posting, what do I need to do?

Please apply for a BFG Form 80, there is no longer a requirement to seek permission to re-import your vehicle from the SO2 Veh Lic.

How long do I have before my vehicle must be registered with VLO BFG?

You have 45 days after arriving in Germany to BFG register your vehicle(s).

What happens if I fail to BFG Register my vehicle on time?

You may expect to receive a sanction from HQ BFG for contravening standing orders. Depending on the circumstances and severity of the contravention, the sanction may be a ban on the import of tax free goods and vehicles for a period of time extending to a removal of all tax free concessions during your tour.