Ref SOs BFG 5203, 5205.

  1. You are entitled to shop tax and duty free in the NAAFI.
  2. You are entitled to purchase rationed goods (cigarettes, coffee, gin and whisky) up to your monthly limit from the NAAFI or your Mess.
  3. You are required to register all your vehicles (including motorbikes, quad bikes, trailers and caravans) with the BFG Vehicle Licensing Office. This entitles you to tax and duty free fuel for your vehicles.
  4. You are entitled to purchase and import goods tax free from other EU member states under Article 151 Principle VAT Directive EC/2006/112. Goods purchased with a value over €1000 must be formally imported and a BFG Form 80 must be issued by BFG C&I. Article 151 exemption certificates are issued by the Garrison Official Procurement Agency (OPA) and VAT is normally reclaimed in retrospect.
  5. You are entitled to purchase tax-free goods and services from suppliers in Germany (including Internet traders) using the OPA issued Auftrag/Antrag and Abwicklungsschein. You should note that participation in this scheme by German traders is voluntary and you should always check that they accept the forms before shopping.