If you need help with completing a C&I import or export form, you should always contact your local C&I office in the first instance.

C&I offices are at the following locations in BFG:


  • HQ C&I BFG - Tel. Bie Mil (81) 2635.
  • Gütersloh & Bielefeld Stations – Tel. Bie Mil (81) 2577 or (mobile) 0172 2173780.
  • Paderborn Station - Tel. Pad Mil (79) 4279 or (mobile) 0173 2096411.
  • ISODETs - Tel. Bie Mil (81) 2577 or (mobile) 0172 2173780.


The HQ C&I postal address is shown on all C&I application forms.

Customs and Immigration Contact Form

This website and the FAQs provide a wealth of useful information including the most commonly asked questions regarding Customs and Immigration issues. The LVLO offices are also able to provide advice.

If you are unsure of how an issue may affect you, you will be able to obtain advice from your local C&I officer. If this is not possible, please contact us using the form below. We will try to reply as soon as possible. You may also use this form for suggestions to improve our service to you or to highlight issues that you believe should be included in FAQs.

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