Theft of Pedal Cycles is one of the most common crimes committed against the our community. Between January 2016 and July 2018, the following thefts of pedal cycles have been reported to the RMP (there may also have been others which were not reported).

Stolen From Paderborn Sennelager Gütersloh Bielefeld TOTAL
SFA areas 13 6 4 1 24
Inside Barracks 4 5 3 2 14
Public Areas (not SFA) 3 2 0 0 5
TOTAL 20 13 7 3 43

TOTAL VALUE = Approx.€22,000

‘So how do I stop mine being stolen?’

Identifying Your Pedal Cycle

  • Record the frame number and take a clear photo of your pedal cycle(s): keep the details and photo safe in case needed by the Police.
  • Mark your pedal cycle so it can be identified (see the article on Property Marking at for how to do this). This will help to deter thieves and also help to get it back if it is stolen.

Securing Your Pedal Cycle

  • Keep your pedal cycle inside a secure garage or cellar if possible; but still lock it.
  • ALWAYS lock the pedal cycle to a fixed object (not a ‘chicken’ wire fence, as these can be easily cut).
  • Locking the wheel to the frame doesn’t work: the thief will just wheel it away and cut the lock later. Even if he / she can’t, you have still lost your pedal cycle.

Using the Right Lock

  • Use a good quality lock: as a rule of thumb it should be a minimum of 16mm thick.
  • For the most appropriate type of lock see the excellent website at http://thebestpedal

If you see anything suspicious, or are the victim of a crime – report it to the RMP immediately, and REMEMBER….Preventing crime is everyone’s business.


For further Crime Prevention advice contact the RMP on 94879 – 2223 (05254 982 2223)