Where to Park?

  • If you have a garage, use it and lock it.

  • Park where the vehicle can be easily seen, even if it means walking a bit further. Don’t park behind bushes, walls, or large vehicles, because this gives criminals somewhere to hide. At night try to park in residential areas because people are more likely to be at home not at work.

  • When using a car park, think about when you will be returning to the car. If it will be dark when you return, consider if there a safer area to park, such as nearer to a street light.

Vehicle Keys

  • At home, don’t leave car keys in clear view from windows or in reach from the letter box. Thieves have been known to steal keys through letter boxes, or break into a home to get them. High-value and performance cars can be specifically targeted for this type of crime.

  • If you leave home without the car (for example going on holiday), don’t leave the vehicle keys in the house; especially if the car is parked in view on the drive. Either take them with you, or leave them with a friend.

Securing your Vehicle

  • Consider steering locks, alarms, tracking devices and immobilisers, and if you already have them fitted, use them.

  • Never leave the engine running, especially in frosty weather. Car thieves know that people do this, and may be watching, so that when you nip back into the house for something you forgot, you may come out to find the car gone!

  • Use anti-tamper or security screws on your registration plate – they can be easily fitted but can’t be removed using standard tools. These are available from various online retailers, DIY and vehicle maintenance stores.

Valuables in Vehicles

  • Don’t leave any valuables such as wallets, handbags, spare keys, mobile phones or satnavs in your vehicle; especially, never leave valuables on display in the vehicle. Don’t be tempted to just put them in the glove box or anywhere else out of sight, as the thief may just break-in on the off chance. The theft of the property is not the only risk, it’s also the damage caused to your vehicle to get into it.

  • If your satnav secures to the windscreen with a suction device, these can leave a tell-tale mark even after being removed. The mark should be wiped clean, as a thief may believe you have hidden the satnav in the glove box and break-in anyway, costing you the price of a new window. Also remove the satnav accessories (cradle power lead etc) from the vehicle for the same reason.

  • If you carry any large valuables in your vehicle, such as golf clubs etc, remove them if possible. If not, then put them in the boot where they can’t be seen. If your vehicle has a tailgate with a cargo area, rather than a boot, simple things like reversing close up to a wall or garage door, so that the rear doors can’t be opened easily will help to put thieves off. If you have large valuables in the cargo area, use the retractable cargo cover so the contents can’t be seen.

  • Leave the glove box open to show that there aren’t any valuables in there (having made sure there aren’t).

Vehicle Passes

  • Vehicle passes MUST be removed from display when leaving any military establishment.

  • Passes should, ideally, be removed from the vehicle when not required. Keep it with the vehicle keys in the house so you don’t forget it.

If you are the victim of vehicle crime – report it to the RMP immediately.

For further Crime Prevention advice contact the RMP on 94879 – 2223 or 05254 982 2223.


Preventing crime is everyone’s business.