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Planning a Course

Some courses are exclusively led by Church House staff, but many courses now take advantage of our modular teaching sessions to frame their own programme and to address specific issues for the unit or agency concerned. In this way, Church House modules (see Courses and Modules) sit alongside sessions provided by course organisers or outside lecturers. This coordination of content can ensure that maximum training value can be obtained by attendees.


In some cases, particularly professional agencies, there can be such specific training needs that there is no Church House teaching input at all. Nevertheless, it is still important to discuss your requirements at an early stage so that appropriate support can be given.


Normally, when a course is first booked, course organisers will be given all the information they need to administer their course (see Booking a Course) but in good time, will be contacted by a member of the Church House team. This will enable the organiser to consider course aims, expectations and other requirements in more detail.


It should be remembered that Church House is more than simply a venue for high quality training; part of its ethos is to create a balance between training, physical activity and social relaxation and the facilities available to users reflect these aims, (see Facilities). Church House staff will be happy to discuss your requirements to ensure that you can access the full scope of our provision.


As a consequence, course organisers should try to be realistic about what can, (or cannot) be achieved – and achieved well – and recognise that content overload is almost invariably counterproductive. The Church House chaplaincy team are uniquely placed to offer advice on this aspect of course construction, even where Church House input is not required.