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The ethos of Church House (Germany) is one of Christian hospitality and by its very nature, demands that attendees are valued as equals. Amongst other things, this means that uniforms are not worn at Church House, meals are taken communally and emphasis is given to personal interaction. This approach is designed both to reflect Christian values and beliefs, but also to enhance unit cohesiveness and training outcomes.


Children are very welcome at Church House (Germany) and many groups (particularly those who meet at weekends) may wish to include a children’s’ programme of activities. Church House has its own Children's craft and activity room together with an extensive supply of materials to support work with children. Unfortunately, Church House cannot provide child supervision or activities, and childcare arrangements must be agreed in good time. Parents remain responsible for their children at all times whilst at Church House and organisers will need to ensure that those involved in child supervision are adequately trained and fully compliant with the Children’s’ Act, 1999 and subsequent Legislation, (especially in relation to ratios and Disclosures). Please do not hesitate to ask for further advice.


Regrettably, Church House cannot accept pets. This may seem unfair, but it should be remembered that Church House has an extremely high throughput and pets would inevitably exacerbate the already significant levels of ‘wear and tear’ on our facilities and our ability under current staffing levels to maintain high standards.


Despite the appearance of informality, a high degree of discipline is expected at Church House (Germany). Casual clothing must be smart and standards of behaviour must be clearly articulated and enforced by course organisers. Likewise, disciplinary action, (under normal circumstances), remains the responsibility of the sponsoring unit or agency, though as with any military training establishment and in practice very rarely, individuals may be returned to their unit.