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Daily charges cost as little as €11.50 ppn during the week and €14.00 at weekends which include full board high quality catering, morning and afternoon refreshments and free WIFI Internet.

The Practical Limits

There are fifty beds and the dining room will seat fifty for most meals, but only forty for a formal occasion. We have the ability to offer buffet lunch for over a hundred. This may happen on a course crossover day, or when large day conferences are hosted. Heavy use of the House has to be managed carefully because of limited staff resources. Church House routine is outlines in “Notes for Course Organisers”, available on request. Practical limits should be discussed in the first instance with the Admin Officer. The Warden is the final arbiter. Unofficial functions can be catered for subject to certain limitations, details on request from the Admin Officer.


Refreshments are provided in the rooms as well as in the Ante Room at breaktimes. Fresh Fruit is permanently available.

Typical Daily Routine

08:00 Morning Prayer (Optional)
08:30 - 09:00 Breakfast
09:15 Lecture
10:30 Coffee and Biscuits
11:00 Lecture
12:30 Bar Opens (Non-alcoholic drinks only at lunch time.)
13:00 (except Friday 1230) Lunch
14:00 Lecture or other activity
15:00 Tea and cake
16:00 Lecture
17:00 Evening Prayer (For Chaplains’ Courses and Retreats only)
18:00 Pre-Dinner Drinks
18:30 Dinner
21:30 Night Prayer (For Retreats only)
22:30 Last Orders
22.45 Bar Closes

Grace is said formally at all meals at which a Chaplain is present.