MOD Schools provide an educational service to meet the needs of dependant Service children, including the children of MOD, UK based civilians and sponsored organisations serving outside the UK in a number of locations.  The schools follow the English National Curriculum, teaching is carried out by UK qualified teachers and support staff and the schools inspected by Ofsted.

In Germany, MOD Schools provides education from 0-3 in Nurseries, as well as 2 first schools, 3 primary schools, 1 middle school and 1 secondary school. 

Vocational Qualifications are provided through King’s Vocational Hub (KVH). SCE participation, skills and progression service course prospectus

Schools in Germany are well resourced, particularly in terms of ICT, with high quality staff and class sizes which are predominately smaller (approx 20 in BFG) than in the UK (approx 30). All the MOD schools in Germany are inspected by Ofsted and have been found to be Good or better.

Senior Educational Psychologists and Senior Education Social Workers work from DCYP Targeted Services offices in Germany, based in Gütersloh and Paderborn. (These were previously known as Pupil and Family Services centres). DCYP staff work very closely with relevant partner organisations such as the British Forces (Germany) Health Service, British Forces Social Work Service and the Army Welfare Service. Although referrals to specialist support staff are usually from schools, parents with concerns about their child's progress or behaviour may contact these staff directly.