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DEL Fast Find (CTA II)

Save yourself some time!


Rather than looking through the complete CTA II (Collective Tariff Agreement) use the index below to select the paragraph/subject of your choice relating to conditions of service.


Section 1

Scope of Application and Special Provisions

Article 1 Scope of Application
Article 2 Exemptions from the Scope of Application
Article 3 Special Provisions

Section 2

Employment Contract

Article 4 Employment Contract, Medical Examination
Article 5 Probationary Period
Article 6 Personal Records
Article 7 Obligation to Secrecy

Section 3

Period of Employment

Article 8 Reckonable Period of Employment

Section 4

Hours of Work

Article 9 Regular Hours of Work
Article 10 Overtime
Article 11 Work at Night
Article 12 Work on Sundays
Article 13 Work on Holidays
Article 14 Shifts, Rotating Shifts

Section 5

Remuneration Principles

Article 15 Wages/Salary
Article 16 Computation of Earnings
Article 17 Regular Earnings
Article 18 -spare-
Article 19 Length of Service Allowance
Article 20 Time Payments
Article 21 Other Payments
Article 22 Disbursement of Earnings
Article 23 Payments-in-Kind
Article 24 -spare-
Article 25 -spare-

Section 6

Loss of Work Hours

Article 26 Loss of Working Hours (Absence)
Article 27 Holidays
Article 28 Excuse from Work (Special Leave)

Section 7

Hours of Work

Article 29 Sick Pay
Article 30 Third Party Liability
Article 31 -spare-
Article 32 -spare-

Section 8

Provisions of Leave

Article 33 Annual Leave
Article 34 Additional Leave

Section 9


Article 35 Employment Outside the Regular Duty Station
Article 36 Tool Allowance
Article 37 Protective and Occupational Clothing
Article 38 Death Benefits