1. Overtime hours are those working hours, which an employee performs at the instigation of the unit over and above the regular weekly working hours estab­lished for the working week in accordance with Art. 9 para 1, 2 or 3.

Overtime hours shall only be requested in urgent cases.

  1. In determining overtime, all hours lost for any of the following reasons shall be counted as working time, unless made up on other days in accordance with legal or tariff provisions:
    1. public holidays
    2. paid or unpaid time off
    3. paid absenced) annual leave or additional leavee) unfitness for work because of sickness or industrial accident
  2. Overtime shall be compensated by the hourly basic compensation (Art. 16 paras 1 a, 3) plus an overtime supplement (Art. 20 para 1 a), i.e. overtime pay.
  3. The basic remuneration for overtime shall be compensated – provided there are no operational reasons opposing this – by granting equivalent paid time off within the following 12 calendar months.’