Work on Sundays


  1. Sunday work is work performed on Sundays between 0000 and 2400 hours.
    1. In units where Sunday work is required regularly, the work must be performed within the regular weekly working hours established in the unit.2.
    2. The working schedule for each employee shall provide at least two Sundays off in each calendar month, unless exceptional circum­stances within the unit prevail.
    1. The supplement for Sunday work is shown at Art. 20.3.
    2. For occasional work on Sundays, a minimum of three working hours (including supplements) shall be paid.
    1. For employees, who are required to work four hours or more on Sundays, within the scope of the regular working hours (para 2), a working day (from 0000 to 2400 hours) shall be kept free within the preceding, the same or the following week within the working time schedule. This shall also apply, if a German public holiday coincides with such a Sunday.4.
    2. If, in exceptional cases, the employee is required to work on the scheduled weekday off, the supplement for work performed on Sunday shall be paid in accordance with Art. 20 para 1d.