Work on Holidays

  1. Holiday work is work performed between 0000 and 2400 hours on German public holidays, also should these fall on a Sunday, including Easter Sunday and Whit Sunday.
  2. In units, whose schedule also requires working on holidays (para 1), this work must be performed within the regular weekly working time schedule established within the unit.
    1. The supplement for holiday work is shown at Art. 20.3.
    2. For occasional work on holidays, a minimum of three working hours (including supplements) shall be paid.
    1. Employees, whose regular working time schedule (para 2), includes working on holidays (para 1) for four hours or more, shall receive a working day off for each occurrence (from 0000 to 2400 hours) either in the preceding, the same or the following week.4.
    2. Payment for the day off shall be as if the day had been a normal working day. The provisions of Art. 27 para 3a shall apply accordingly to this day.4.
    3. If time off cannot be given, the supplement for work performed on holidays shall be paid in accordance with Art. 20, para 1 f.