Regular Earnings

  1. Regular earnings as meant by the following provisions are to be paid in all cases in which payments for periods of absence have to calculated under Art 17 in accordance with the tariff provisions.
  2. The regular earnings shall consist of:
    1. The basic compensation (Art. 16 para 1 a) which an employee, had he worked, would have received for the regular working hours established for the period of interruption;b) Supplements/allowances (Art. 16 para 1
    2. and other pay components (Art. 16 para 1 c), which are established as monthly flat rates;* A compensation supplement as per para 3.
    1. The compensation supplement corresponds to the monthly average total of :
      1. The basic compensation (Art. 16 para 1 a, 3) for overtime.
      2. The pay supplements/allowances (Art. 16 para 1 b) and other pay components (Art. 16 para 1 c - except items (12) and (13)) unless already covered under 2b) as paid to the employee for the assessment period in accordance with section b).
    2. The assessment period for the determining the monthly average will be the 12 calendar months preceding the current accounting month. If employment commenced during the last twelve calendar months or if it had been suspended the assessment period will be reduced accordingly.3.
    3. The compensation supplement payable for parts of a month shall be calculated in accordance with the provision at Art.16 para 6.