Time Payments

  1. 1. The time supplements paid shall be for
    1. Overtime(1) up to the fifth hour of overtime 25%(2) from the sixth hour of overtime 30%
    2. Night work 25%
    3. Sunday work with a day off in lieu vide Art.12 para 4a 25%
    4. Other Sunday work 50%
    5. Work on public holidays with time off in lieu vide Art. 13 para 4a 50%
    6. Other work on public holidays 100% of the basic compensation per hour (Art. 16, paras 1 a and 3).
    1. For the working hours which have been established over and above the agreed weekly working time in accordance with § 9, 1a, the employee receives an extension supplement. The extension supplement amounts to
      • for an extension of the working time in accordance with § 9,1b = 25%
      • for an extension of the working time in accordance with § 9, 2a = 10%
      of the hourly basic rate of pay ( § 16, 1a, 3.).
    2. For employees with monthly remuneration the number of hours per month for which the extension supplement is to be paid is calculated In accordance with the following formula:

      No of hours per week for which extension supplement is to be paid x 13: 3.
  1. If several supplements under paras 1 or 2 coincide, payment shall be concurrently. This does not apply, however, when Sunday supplements coincide with public holiday supplements, or when night supplements coincide with public holi­day supplements in accordance with para 1 f. In these cases the highest supplement shall be paid.
    1. The supplements (paras 1 and 2) shall be paid in addition to the hourly basic compensation.
    2. For employees who are paid a monthly salary or a monthly wage, the basic pay for work at night, on Sundays, or holidays, is covered by the monthly basic compensation (Art. 16 paras 1 a and 2), unless such work constitutes overtime (Art. 10 paras 1 and 2).
  2. Rates for overtime, nightwork, work on Sundays and public holidays are already covered in the basic salaries of employees in salary scales 9 or 10.
  3. Time supplements may not be compensated by time off.