Other Payments

1. Performance Allowance

  1. The employing agency may pay a performance allowance.
  2. Employees who work on an assembly or produc­tion line for which the pace is determined by machines, or by preset time sequence, requiring each worker to complete his share of the process within a specified time‑limit without the possibility of perform­ing other incidental work, shall receive an allowance of 10 %.
  3. The allowances (performance allowance; assembly line allowance; produc­tion line allowance) shall be calculated based on the wage or salary as defined in Art. 16, para 1a), item (1).

2. Functional Allowance

Employees who are required to perform a special function not covered by the terms of reference in their wage or salary group, or who are expected to meet special requirements, may receive a functional allowance at an appropriate level.


3. Shift Supplements/Recurring Shift Supplements

Shift work ( § 14, 1) carries a shift supplement. Rates available through GLSU.

Recurring shift work carries a shift supplement. Rates available through GLSU.


4. Severity Allowance

  1. Difficult conditions of work ‑ see sub‑para b) ‑ are, in principle, covered by the wages or salaries contained in this tariff agreement, unless specific severity allowances have been agreed for such conditions in Appendix 'S'.
  2. Work is considered to be severe, if:
    1. it involves extreme physical soiling or soiling of work clothing, or
    2. it is particularly dangerous, repulsive or unhealthy, or
    3. it is physically exceptionally strenuous, or
    4. it has to be performed under particularly difficult circumstances.