Disbursements of Earnings

  1. The earnings shall be computed for one calendar month and be paid into a bank account or a "Postgiroamt" (National Girobank) in the Federal Republic of Germany designated by the employee, on the last working day of the month.
  2. Earnings paid for the current month shall be:
    1. the basic compensation based upon the regular working hours established,
    2. regularly occurring supplements and allowances,
    3. other regular pay components,
    4. the balance from the preceding month (Spitzenbetrag). The balance represents the total of pay components, which were not paid in the preceding month. Overpayments from the preceding month shall be balanced.
  3. At the end of the pay period the employee shall be given a pay statement listing separately the earnings and deductions for the entire period. In the pay statement the various pay components (Article 16 para 1) as well as the various kinds of deductions must be identifiable. A new pay statement shall be issued only when earnings or deductions change from those shown in the previous statement.
    1. Final payments to employees whose employment is terminated shall be made without delay.
    2. Should a back payment arise as a result of a tariff provision under CTA II after an employee has left employment it is to be paid without delay, once the remitting or paying office/agency has the necessary documentation (wage tax card, etc.) available.