Loss of Working Hours (Absence)

  1. An employee may be absent from work only with the approval of the employing unit. If, due to circumstances, approval cannot be obtained in advance, it must be requested without delay.
    1. For loss of working hours for which he is not to blame, the employee shall be entitled to payment of the earnings which he would have received had he worked the working hours laid down by the working hour schedule.
    2. If working time is lost due to a temporary breakdown of operations, and such time is at the employee's disposal, the employing unit may require that the hours lost be made up within a period of two weeks, starting on the first working day following the end of the breakdown, within the relevant legal provi­sions - especially those of the Working Time Directive.
    3. If, due to an Act of God, an employee is unable to perform his duties within the area of his work location, or within the area of his residence, or on route between his work location and his place of residence, payment of earnings shall be continued for a maximum of two working days in accordance with sub para a) above.
    1. If, an employee who is fit for work is precluded from working by order of a health authority because he might be contagious, and if it is not possible to assign him to other work which he can be reasonably expected to perform, he shall be entitled to a supplement amounting to the difference between the legal benefit and 100% of the regular net earnings (Art. 17).
    2. If such an order is instigated unilaterally by management, para 2a) shall apply.