Public Holidays

  1. For working hours lost due to a German Public Holiday, the employee shall be paid the earnings he would have received without the loss of working hours.
    1. On holidays of the Sending States' Forces that do not coincide with German public holidays, the employee has no entitlement to be released from work.
    2. If the employee has, however, not been instructed to turn up for work or has not been given the opportunity to work, he shall be entitled to payment of the earnings, which he would have received for his regular working hours without the interruption of work.
  2. The employee will not be entitled to payment in accordance with paras 1 or 2b, for hours of work lost on the holiday:
    1. If, without valid reason, he is absent from work on the last working day preceding or the first working day following the holiday;
    2. if he was given time off without pay (unpaid leave) for the last working day preceding, and the first working day following the holiday. This shall not apply, however, if the employee is given time‑off on both these days respectively in accordance with the provisions of Art. 28, para 4.