Additional Leave

  1. Severely handicapped persons as defined by the Law on the Severely Handicapped as currently valid, shall be granted paid additional leave of six working days within the calendar year.
  2. Employees who work under conditions that are detrimental to their health shall be granted paid additional leave, provided they perform such work predominantly for at least six months within a calendar year.
    Work that is considered hazardous to health, as well as the level of additional leave is agreed in the Special Provisions in the Appendices.
  3. Employees who must take their entire annual leave in the period between 1 November and 31 March because of operational needs shall be granted paid additional leave of three working days. This shall not apply if annual leave ends after 31 March. The additional leave must be granted and commenced before 31 March.
  4. The additional leave shall be added to the annual leave; Art. 33 shall apply concurrently.