Death Benefits

    1. Following the death of an employee, the beneficiaries shall receive a death benefit.
    2. The following persons are beneficiaries as meant by sub‑para a):
      1. Members of family, entitled to support – without being needy.
      2. Persons with whom the deceased shared a joint household prior to death.
      3. Persons who have furnished the cost of the funeral.
    1. Payment of death benefit is subject to the condition that at the time of death, the employee had completed a minimum of three months' reckonable employment, as defined in Art. 8.
    2. If death was caused by a job related accident, the requirement in sub para a) shall not apply.
  1. The death benefit shall total two regular monthly earnings (Art. 17).
    In the event of a fatal working accident three regular monthly earnings (Art. 17).
    1. Death benefit shall be paid after submission of the official death certificate.
    2. The payment of the death benefit to one of the beneficiaries (para 1 b) shall nullify the claim of the others.
  2. Death benefit shall not be paid if death was caused.
    1. by carrying out secondary work unauthorised in the unit, or
    2. by the effects of a parallel employment relationship.