Employment Contract, Medical Examination

  1. Employment Contract
    1. The employment contract shall be concluded in writing. The employee shall be given a copy.
    2. Side agreements shall be valid only if established in writing.
  2. Duration of Employment
    Employment shall be for an indefinite period unless otherwise specified. 
  3. Personal Questionnaire, Working Papers
    The employee shall:
    1. complete a personal questionnaire giving his vocational history and personal detail that is relevant to his employ­ment contract.
    2. submit his employment documents including annual leave certificates, when reporting to work.
    3. report to his employing agency, without delay, any changes concerning the entries made in his personal questionnaire.
  4. Medical Examination  
    1. If, upon employment, the employing agency requires the employee to furnish proof of his physical fitness (state of health and fitness for work) by way of a certificate from a physi­cian designated by the agency, it shall bear the costs of the examination.
    2. The employing agency shall also bear the costs for medical certificates and attestations, which it requires from the employee in the course of employment on the basis of legal provisions, unless the costs are borne by German authorities.