SECTION 1 - General Instructions


1.1 The employment of Dependants is always to be authorised by the Budget Holder and in accordance with issued procedures.  Dependants employed by GEO Units for other sponsored organisations or NATO units are to be employed in accordance with Memoranda of Understanding or agreements between British Forces in Germany and the authorities concerned.


Replacement labour

1.2 Subject to the provisions shown below Dependants may be employed as replacements (with fixed term contracts) in the following categories:

  1. Personnel absent from work under the provisions of the UK Maternity/Adoption Law.
  2. Personnel absent through long tem sickness, absence (or on cessation of payments from DBS DEP Pay Team).

1.3 Units are to bid for approval to recruit temporary replacement labour to their Budget Holder.  If approved, the Budget Holder is to issue an authority to LEC HR to employ replacement labour with any caveats he may wish to impose regarding the type of labour and scope of work etc.  On return to work the regular Dep employee is to resume employment under his/her contracted terms and conditions.  If the cessation of the temporary contract relates to an event and not a definite date, the temporary replacement is to be notified of the impending return of the regular employee and of the cessation of the temporary contract.  In such cases temporary replacement employees should be informed as soon as possible but at least two weeks notice (14 calendar days) is to be observed.


1.4 There is no restriction in the employment of Dependants other than the normal criteria of the selection of the most suitable and available job applicant.  LEC HR may  maintain a record of Dependant job applicants for referee check purposes etc or where the applicant has expressed a specific wish to be registered.  Dependants must however, apply on an individual basis for any vacancy  they wish to be considered for.


Handover periods

1.5 Handover periods may be granted by Budget Holders for supervisory, clerical or administrative posts graded C5 (or equivalent) and above and for personal assistants graded C4a.  A maximum of five days is recommended.


1.6 Handover periods should not be required for industrial posts or clerical/ administrative post under direct supervision.


1.7 Outgoing employees are to complete their total leave entitlement prior to the commencement of the handover period.


1.8 Where OC wishes to place a Dep employee into a higher graded post for the purpose of assessing his/her ability, this may be effected at the same unit without additional pay for a maximum period of three months without upgrading.  It is most important that the decision regarding either promotion or return to previous duties is made and actioned before the end of the period specified.


Dep Grading

1.9 The grade for work carried out is decided by the OC LEC HR However, to ensure any pan-Germany issues are taken into account an LEC Grading Board consisting of each OC LSU and chaired by LEC Sp Svcs sits monthly.  The Board is empowered to make the following decisions on evidence submitted:

  1. Recommend no change to current grade.
  2. Recommend an upgrading or downgrading upon evidence submitted.
  3. Request that a full worksite inspection be carried out on the post in question. Where this is the case the inspection report is to be staffed in accordance with current instructions.
  4. Where appropriate recommend the issue of an allowance.
  5. In situations where the Grading Board recommends an upgrading or the issue of an allowance it is the Units responsibility to apply to their budget holder/manager for funding in accordance with current procedures.

Unit applications for Job Grading

1.10 The Grading Board will require the following documents to grade a post:

  1. The proposed revised job description.
  2. A list of responsibilities/tasks to be added to and/or deleted from the existing contracted job description
  3. A wiring diagram showing Line Manager, his/her Manager and all personnel including the post in question, responsible to the Line Manager.

Individual Grade Review

1.11 Any employee is entitled to ask for his/her grade to be reviewed.  Upon receipt of such requests OC LEC HR is to determine whether the unit supports the employee’s request.  If this is the case, action should be taken in accordance with para 1.09 above.  Thereafter OC LEC HR will:

  1. Discuss the case with the local Dep EC representative.
  2. Visit the employee’s worksite in order to establish the grounds for the request and obtain the views of the individual’s unit.
  3. Grade the post.

1.12 In situations where it is discovered that the post holder is carrying out work of a higher grade than that in which the employee is contracted OC LEC HR is to advise the unit accordingly.  The unit must then decide whether to submit a case to include the Budget Holder’s comments to the LEC Grading Board in accordance with 1.10 above or remove those duties that have been identified as attracting the higher grade.


Employee Grievance against Grade Review

1.13 Where an employee objects to the results of his/her grade review they may initiate the Grade Grievance Procedure.  In most cases this will necessitate in a Grievance Board being convened.  However, before a Grievance Board can sit a full worksite inspection and associated report will be required.  Normally the OC LEC HR will carry out the worksite inspection.  However, where the outcome of such an inspection may have a bearing on other similar posts the Business Manager may nominate a neutral officer to conduct the inspection.


1.14 A Dep EC representative may be present at the worksite inspection if the employee so wishes.


1.15 The composition of the Grievance Board will comprise of equal numbers (normally 2) of LEC HR Officers and Dep EC representatives.  The employee, the inspecting officer, and a representative of the employee’s unit will be required as witnesses.


1.16 The Board is to discuss the grievance raised and is to formulate recommendations to the HOA in writing within five working days after its conclusion.  Thereafter the HOA/Grievance Board Chairman is to take action as follows:

  1. The Board Reaches a Unanimous Decision.  Provided the HOA agrees with the decision he or she is to act according to the Board’s recommendations informing the employee and Dep EC accordingly.  Should he or she not agree with the recommendations he or she is to forward his or her concerns to the Business Manager who will promulgate the final outcome.
  2. The Board Fails to Reach a Unanimous Decision but a Majority Decision is recorded.  The recommendations of each member are to be recorded and submitted to the HOA.  After due consideration the HOA will make a decision, informing the employee and Dep EC accordingly.  However, should the HOA not agree with the majority decision he is to forward his concerns to the Business Manager who will promulgate the final outcome.
  3. The Board Reaches a Split Decision.  The recommendations of each member are to be recorded. The Grievance Board Chairman will forward details to the Business Manager notifying the HOA accordingly. The Business Manager will thereafter make a decision and promulgate the final outcome.

Unit Concern over Grading Board Recommendation

1.17 If, after the promulgation of a Grading Board decision/recommendation, a unit wishes to make representation, the OC LEC HR is to advise the unit to forward their concerns to the Business Manager within 10 working days.  The Business Manager will review the case and respond as appropriate to the unit directly, with a copy to the OC LEC HR.


New Contracts

1.18 All new contracts of employment, as a result of handover/takeover, are to be reviewed by the OC LECHR to ensure that proposed job descriptions are commensurate with the trade and grade level and that the Budget Holder’s Authority for the post is available.


New Posts

1.19 Upon receipt of a proposed job description in respect of a new post, OC LEC HR in whose area the post is to be situated is to recommend a grade as appropriate.  In order to achieve commonality of grading pan-Germany, the proposed job description, recommended grade and any other supporting documentation is thereafter to be circulated to other members of the LEC Grading Board for comment.  If no comment is received within 5 working days the grade recommendation of the OC LEC HR stands. 


Downgrading of Posts

1.20 Downgrading may be effected by serving the incumbent notice of termination of employment and at the same time offering continued employment in the lower grade.


1.21 Employees are not to be required to carry out duties which regularly exceed the job levels of their posts.


1.22 Spare