SECTION 1 - General Instructions


Capability/Disciplinary Policy, Rules and Procedures

1.140 Separate procedures exist for the handling of Capability and Disciplinary cases.

These procedures are held by the LEC HR/HOA of Category ‘B’ Units and are to be strictly adhered to at all times.


Grievances regarding grading

1.141 Grievances against grading issues are to be dealt with in accordance with 1.013-16 of this instruction. 


Grievances against terms and conditions of service

1.142 Matters of general policy may be referred by individuals to OC LEC HR or, through their Dep EC representative.  The formal procedure is contained at Annex R.


Complaints of Harassment and Bullying 

1.143 The MOD is committed to providing a working environment free from harassment, humiliation or behaviour which creates feelings of unease or distress, such as sexist, racist or sectarian language and unwelcome remarks.  Every individual has the right to complain about bullying and harassment, in whatever form, should it occur in the workplace.

  1. The Law.  Harassment can be unlawful under various statutes.  It may also lead to civil claims for personal injury, negligence or breach of contract; or criminal prosecution for assault. 
  2. Complaints will be investigated and dealt with seriously, sensitively, and quickly.  The procedure used is that defined in JSP 763 – The MOD Bullying and Harassment Complaints Procedures.  The aim is to resolve complaints informally and, if possible, at the lowest feasible level; but where this is not possible the complainant has a right to raise a formal complaint.  Individuals will also be protected against victimisation or retaliation for making or assisting in a complaint made in good faith.
  3. Complaints against DEL Employees.  In cases where a Dep employee  lodges a complaint of bullying/harassment against a DEL employee the line manager is to seek direction on how to proceed from LEC HR.