SECTION 1 - General Instructions

1.155 Full details and instructions in respect of health and safety for Dependants (and all LECs) are contained within the GEO SHEF manual issued under SO GEO 4400 which is to be complied with by all COs and Heads of Establishment and other relevant persons having managerial responsibility for Dep employees.


Accidents and Injuries

1.156 A Dep employee who considers that he/she has suffered injury as a result of negligence or fault of the employer, a fellow employee acting within the scope of his/her official duties, dangerous working practice, defective equipment, insufficient training etc., should be advised to forward full details of the case, including the reason why they consider the employer to have been responsible, to the Area Claims Officer, North West Europe. LEC HR are to keep a record of accidents and injuries at work affecting Dep employees. The information recorded may be required as supporting evidence by the Inland Revenue if the employee subsequently claims for invalidity benefit. It is required to be kept for a period of 12 years.


Third Party Claims

1.157 Dep employees who believe they have a justifiable claim for loss of salary/wages as a result of an accident/incident involving a third party which prevents their attendance at work should forward details of the case, including any applicable statements, to the Area Claims Officer, North West Europe.


Health and Safety at Work


  1. Dep employers are required to protect the health and safety at work of all employees, including new and expectant mothers.  The Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999, which are followed by British Forces in Germany, require employers to assess risks to their employees, including new and expectant mothers and do what is reasonably practicable to control those risks.
  2. In view of the above a specific risk assessment is to be carried out paying particular attention to risks that could affect the health and safety of the new or expectant mother or her child.  LEC HR is to instruct line management to carry out a risk assessment once the employee has informed them of her pregnancy.