SECTION 1- General Instructions


1.023 The recruitment of Deps for Army units (including Catering and Mess Services Staff) and sponsored organisations is the responsibility of LSUs, except in the case of Category ‘B’ Units and NAAFI.  These organisations may request the assistance of LSUs in the recruitment of staff.


Vacant Posts/Advertising

1.024 A vacant post is one where someone has left or where a new post has been created.  To avoid allegations of favouritism, internal applicants are not to be placed directly into such posts by upgrading exercises.  All such posts must be advertised.  However, external applicants can be told that an internal applicant exists.  Advertising for Dep Posts is to be actioned by the LSU.  Subject to the exceptions in para 1.025a, all vacant posts are to be advertised as follows:

  1. The post is to be advertised internally (in house publications, Sixth Sense, Station Bulletins, etc) for a minimum of 14 days within the commuting area.  Longer or wider advertising is not precluded if redundancy provisions or recruiting difficulties require it.
  2. The advertisement must state the start date of the post and the closing date for applications.  Applicants are to be informed within 7 days of the closing date whether or not they have been short listed.
  3. Applicants have no right to be informed why they have not been short listed.  However, it is good practice to state reasons in general terms.
  4. The requirement to notify applicants within 7 days applies equally to situations where posts are being withdrawn or re-advertised.  In the latter case the applicant should be informed if his/her application will automatically be considered for any new shortlist.


1.025 LSUs do not, subject to any legal requirements of Garrison policy on wider recruiting, have to advertise posts in the following circumstances:

  1. Where industrial relations requirements clearly require a particular individual to be offered the post.
  2. Where the post needs to be filled urgently .
  3. Where the LSU considers that vacancies almost always exist.


1.026 Where a LSU wishes to invoke para 1.025 b and c rather than advertise a post it is to maintain a register and the existence of this is to be regularly advertised, from which individuals will be called for interview. Personnel who are included on the register are entitled to be told how many posts they have been considered for and the reason for rejection.  The inclusion on such a register does not imply any right or precedence for short listing and applicants should be advised to respond to all advertisements they are interested in.


Free Travel Cost for Potential Employees

1.027  When it is necessary for a potential employee to travel a long distance for an interview the OC LSU has a legal requirement to issue a travel warrant (form B Mov 11) for second class rail travel.  Alternately the potential employee may be re-imbursed road travel costs at the current public transport rate.  Costs are to be charged to the recruiting unit’s UIN.  Overnight subsistence is not applicable.


1.028 In certain circumstances and in order to avoid the payment of travel costs, potential candidates are to be made fully aware in writing, together with the invitation to attend an interview, that the costs arising in this context will not be borne by the Forces.


1.029 – 1.031 Spare

Revised: 1 JUL 15