SECTION 1 - General Instructions

Requirements for Labour

1.032  Unit requirements for Dep staff to be paid for by public funds are to be forwarded to the Budget Manager according to defined procedures on the designated manning authority pro forma.



1.033 LSUs are responsible for the engagement procedures for LEC of Category A and assisting Category B units as appropriate.


1.034 All Dep employee engagements are to be concluded by means of an Employment Contract for Dependant Employment with British Forces Germany.  The standard contract/statement of particulars to be used is at Annex A.


1.035 Employment in one or more posts where the total hours exceed 48 per week is not permitted.


Continued Employment Beyond State Pension Age

1.036 Where employment continues beyond the State Pension age DBS BFG DEP Pay Team will change the NI, Category to ‘C’ for NI payments based on the employee date of birth This means that only the employer contribution will continue. 


Personal Records

1.037  A personal file is to be maintained for each employee by the LSU.  The Personal File will contain personal questionnaires, testimonials, medical reports, grading/classification documents and performance assessments, plus applications and written statements made by the employee.  Files are to be maintained in accordance with data protection legislation.  Duplicate files are not to be maintained other than those appertaining to attendance records and where appropriate, contact details.  Employment records of employees, including details of annual leave, sickness, special and unpaid leave, absenteeism, trade grade etc., are to be held on Resource Link by the LSU in accordance with current legislation detailing the storage of data on magnetic media.


1.038  Employees must be allowed access to their personal files in accordance with data protection legislation and the freedom of information act.


1.039  Protectively marked material is not to be held on personal files.


1.040  Documents containing items which may be seen as an allegation against the employee, or any disadvantageous/derogatory statement, may only be included in the employee's personal file after the employee has been given the opportunity to comment on the matter. 


Termination, Retention and Disposal of Records

1.041 On termination of employment the LSU is to:

  1. Ensure that a forwarding address is obtained from all Dep employees and details are forwarded to the DBS BFG DEP Pay Team
  2. Issue Dependants with BFG Form 126, Notice of Termination.  If the Dep is leaving BFG the phrase "Termination of Contract due to Family Posting" is to be inserted as the reason for termination.
  3. Retain all personal documents for a period of two calendar years, except where the employee has been involved in an industrial accident when details of the incident are to be retained for a period of 12 years.  (See paragraph 1.156.)  Thereafter Dep employee personnel files are to be sent to TNT Archive Services, Swadlincote, Derbyshire. Where a Dep is re-employed in BFG, the personnel file is to be called for by the receiving LSU on request.


Revised: 1 JUL 15