SECTION 1 - General Instructions


1.042 LSUs are responsible for initiating Security Vetting in accordance with SI BFG 2115 and arranging for the completion of the MOD Form 134 in duplicate on engagement, drawing attention to the employee's obligations under the Official Secrets Act.  One copy is to be retained in the employee's personal file; the other copy is to be given to the employee.


1.043 LSUs are responsible for forwarding the necessary documentation to HQ 1 MI Bn (Vetting Section) via their local Sy Det.  All potential Dependants are to complete the necessary security documentation.


1.044 Employing/User Units are to ensure that the LSU is aware of any appointment that must be filled by a Dep who will have access to a classified area or information graded Confidential or above.  Dependants are not to take up employment in a vetted post until written proof of vetting has been received by the LSU, or unless specific exemption is given by G2 Branch HQ BFG.


1.045 No foreign nationals or former foreign nationals are to be employed in posts which require the holder to have access to classified information graded CONFIDENTIAL and above without prior authority from G2, HQ BFG.   


Security Instructions for Certain Foreign Travel and Contact

1.046 Dep employees are required to obtain prior approval through their units/ branch security officer (USO/BSO) SI BFG 2110 (Travel to Foreign Countries to which Special Regulations Apply), for travel to or through the following countries:

  • Belarus
  • China(including Tibet, Macao and Hong Kong Special Administrative Region)
  • Egypt(only applies to personnel travelling within Egypt on duty (including officially sponsored expeditions and adventure training))
  • Iran, North Korea, Russia and Syria


Note:  Additions/deletions to the above listed countries are notified direct to USOs/BSOs through the chain of command.


1.047 Travelling in or through the countries listed above includes the use of any air, sea or rail facilities operated by that country anywhere.


1.048 Dep employees who are in possession of a DV or higher security clearance are to complete Annex A to SI BFG 2110 (3 copies) and forward them through their employing unit to reach J2 Security, HQ BFG at least six weeks before travel and before making firm travel commitments.  Briefing/debriefings are to be carried out by the USO/BSO unless otherwise directed by G2 Security, HQ BFG.  A copy of the briefing/debriefing certificate is to be retained by the unit/branch.



1.049 Regardless of their vetting status, all Dep employees are to:

  1. Request permission prior to making planned contact with nationals of the countries listed above.
  2. Submit a report using the format at Appendix 1 to SI BFG 2110 after the contact and forward it to G2 Security, HQ BFG through their employing officer. Where the contact has not been foreseen, it should be reported using the same procedure.

1.050 Spare.


Revised: 1 JUL 15