SECTION 1 - General Instructions


1.112 It is BFG policy to recognise long service by awarding the following certificates of service, jubilee payments and additional leave within 12 months following the jubilee date.

  1. 12 years.  Certificate of Service and 2 additional days leave.
  2. 25 years.  Certificate of Service, €350 and 3 additional days leave.
  3. 30 years.  Certificate of Service and 3 additional days leave.
  4. 35 years.  Certificate of Service, €700 and 5 additional days leave.
  5. 40 years.  Certificate of Service, €850 and 5 additional days leave.
  6. 45 years.  Certificate of Service, €1000 and 6 additional days leave.


1.113 Gaps between periods of service do not count as time served for this purpose and neither does Military, or UKBC service.  Service must be as a LEC with BFG or SCE.


1.114 Periods of eligible service may be added together to achieve the requisite total.



1.115 LSUs are to submit applications for certificates and letters on behalf of employees in all Cat A and B units to LEC Sp Svcs, HQ BFG. 


Other Agencies/Establishments may apply for certificates and letters through LSUs provided that the necessary information is supplied within the required time frames.


Time Frames

1.116 LSUs are required to submit quarterly, by 1 Feb, 1 May, 1 Aug and 1 Nov, nominal rolls of those LEC who will complete the requisite service during the next quarter, i.e. beginning 1 May, 1 Aug, 1 Nov and 1 Feb.  Completed certificates and letters will be returned to LSUs in time for onward transmission to the Employing/User Unit before the anniversary date.



1.117 Certificates and letters of congratulation are to be presented on or near the anniversary date by a military officer or civilian of equivalent status in circumstances and with publicity appropriate to the occasion.  It would be normal for a unit CO/OC to present a 12 year certificate and a Garrison Commander or other senior officer to present higher certificates.


Jubilee Payments

1.118 LSUs/DBS BFG DEP Pay Team are to arrange payment with normal monthly pay in the month in which the anniversary falls.


Revised: 1 JUL 15