SECTION 1 - General Instructions

Nominations for Courses of Instructions

1.119 If there is a Dep employee training requirement and it cannot be provided internally by the employing unit, the Line Manager is to forward the requirement to the LEC HR.  On receipt of the application LEC HR will:

  1. Research and consult with other MOD training providers and make recommendations to the unit if appropriate. 
  2. Assist in finding external training if the employing unit has been unable to source a suitable provider. 
  3. Maintain a central record of all training requests, results, and expenditure.


1.120 It is GEO policy to provide as much of the required training ‘in-theatre’ as possible in order to minimise absences from the place of work and relieve pressures on training and travel and subsistence (T&S) budgets.  Resources for training are provided by both MOD Centre, GEO, and by other British Forces employing organisations and MOD Agencies.  Dep employees may apply to attend the same course as UKBC staff of similar grade, including those courses run in the UK, subject to the Budget Holder’s and Line Manager’s approval.

  1. Cost of Training.  Should costs arise for training provision these costs must be born by the employing organisation’s budget. Prior to submitting any application for training for which there is a cost, budget authority is to be obtained in the first instance.
  2. Associated T&S Costs.  Irrespective of the source of training provision all T&S costs must be authorised in advance by the employing unit’s Budget Manager.


1.121 The approval of the Budget Manager is required prior to the placement of any Dep employee on training courses, study days, seminars etc, outside the regular duty station or when T&S costs are likely to be incurred.  This approval is especially necessary when a Dep employee has been nominated to attend a training course provided by a commercial provider either in the UK or in the FRG.  In all situations T&S costs are to be strictly controlled in accordance with current Departmental guidelines. 



1.122 All training applications are to be submitted using the form at Annex C to this instruction.


1.123 In situations where T&S, is denied, or non-attendance on a training course for whatever reason, it is a unit responsibility to notify the appropriate training authority.


Team Training and Sports Activities

1.124 Team training can make an important contribution to the effectiveness of organisations.  For this reason, such activities can be a valuable use of time and resources and are not discouraged providing they fall within the scope of regulations and the rules on regularity and propriety.  Details as to what constitutes team training and the procedures to be followed are contained at Annex H to this instruction.


British Territorial Army Training

1.125 Any Dep employee who is a member of the British Territorial Army will be entitled to a maximum of 14 days during a calendar year unpaid time off to attend training.  However, during this period all social contributions will be paid by the employer.