SECTION 1 - General Instructions

Protective Clothing

1.126 The employer is to provide protective clothing for Dependants as required to conforming to German and UK Health and Safety regulations. Indents are to be submitted in accordance with Material Regulations for the Army, through normal channels, annotated "FOR USE BY LEC."


1.127 All stocks of protective clothing and equipment are to be held on unit charge and loaned to employees against signature.


1.128 Laundering and cleaning of protective clothing is to be carried out under Service arrangements.  Authority is not to be given for laundry or cleaning allowances to be issued to individual employees, nor are units to accept liability for the upkeep at public expense of any clothing not provided from official sources.


1.129 The provision of safety clothing is the responsibility of the Employing/User Unit.  The safety committee may recommend what safety clothing should be used and issued.  This does not apply to safety equipment which is provided in accordance with legal provisions.


Claims for Compensation for Damage to Personal Property

1.130 Claims arising from employees in respect of damage to their personal property in the course of their employment, which after investigation are established to be the result of negligence by the MOD are to be forwarded to LEC HR, together with a certified statement of how the damage was caused.  The Employing/User Unit is to obtain a certificate from the claimant to the effect that no claim has been, or in the event of payment of compensation by the MOD, will be made to any other agency.


1.131 LEC HR is to check:

  1. If any health and safety or factory regulation had been contravened and, if so, by whom.
  2. Whether the unit had failed to issue any necessary instructions for the safety of employees.
  3. If possible, the accuracy of the value of the claim.
  4. Whether a physical injury was sustained as a result.

After checking the claim the OC LEC HR is to forward it with any necessary comments and recommendations to Area Claims Officer North West Europe.


1.132 The above procedure applies only to personal property damage claims and NOT to claims for accident insurance benefits which are dealt with through the Department of Social Security, Newcastle. 


1.133 Claims which are not submitted within three months of the incident giving rise to the loss or damage will be rejected unless there are exceptional or extenuating circumstances.


Losses to Personal Property

1.134 The safe custody of all personal property is primarily the responsibility of the owner.  Where lockable facilities are provided by the employer, they must be used by the employee.  This is to be made known through unit instructions.


1.135 – 1.137  Spare


Rest Rooms

1.138 In accordance with good employer practice units are, where appropriate, to provide suitable rest room accommodation for their Dep employees.  The establishing of rest rooms does not attract an entitlement to additional accommodation stores or other additional expenditure.  Such rooms are not required to be registered as encroachments.


Provision of Personal Aids

1.139 The provision of working aids for Dep employees is through Service or locally purchased sources and is funded by Budget Holders. Dependants should apply through their Employing/User Unit. All applications are to be supported by a recent doctor's certificate and demanded through Service sources, where available. Where items are not available through Service sources, User units are to refer the matter to LEC HR. LEC HR are to investigate provision of equipment where required.