SECTION 2 – Terms and Conditions of Service

2.001  Rates of pay for Dep employees are published by LEC Sp Svcs, HQ BFG on the LEC Website at and are held by LSUs. Where a rate for a particular grade is not included in Dep pay scales, application is to be made to LEC Sp Svcs, HQ BFG. In addition:

  1. Partial monthly pay for full time employees is calculated on the basis of the number of working days worked in any given month.
  2. Pay for Dep employees is prepared by the DBS BFG DEP Pay Team from input details provided by Employing and User Units on BFG Form 24. Payment will be in Euros and will be credited to individual bank accounts by the last working day of the month.
  3. If an employee is posted at short notice, the DBS BFG DEP Pay Team can arrange for their final pay to be sent to a UK bank account provided notification of resignation is received before the pay has gone to the German bank. The User Unit must inform the LSU immediately of all resignations in order for the LSU to advise the DBS BFG DEP Pay Team.


Revised: 1 JUL 15