SECTION 2 – Terms and Conditions of Service


2.132 This sub section deals with the employment and administration of Dep staff who are employed with MOD Schools in Germany  These supplementary instructions are not to be considered exhaustive and FSI(G) 8002 Sub Sections 1 – 16 remain the overarching document.  Queries relating to this sub section should be addressed to the local LEC HR.


2.133 In order to enable staff working in schools to have an annualized salary, special grades were introduced to give 12 equal monthly payments as opposed to having a period during the summer when no payments are made.  In addition to this the LSA grades are linked to the UK counterpart.  Details of the grades in question can be seen below.  For ease of reference a table has been inserted at para 2.161 to illustrate the type of contract that is issued on initial employment.  A fact sheet is to be issued to new MOD Schools staff by LEC HR in order to highlight the main areas covered in this sub section.  An example of this can be seen at Annex Q to this instruction.


The monthly paid grades are: 

CS - General C tariff positions.

AS - General A tariff industrial positions.

LSA - Learning Support Assistants (lunchtime and classroom support). 


Hourly paid grades:

In the case of hourly paid and supply grades (see examples below) payment will only be made if working hours are actually entered by the school on the monthly attendance record (Form 24) and submitted on time.  Payment will be made retrospectively.


LSS  Learning Support Assistants.  Used for supply (as and when or zero hour) contracts as well as for LSA’s who commence on or after 1st March.

CS/AS  Hourly paid general clerical and industrial positions (see LSS usage note above).


2.134 MOD Schools staff in the above grades at para 2.133 who work the full school year will receive their pay based on 190 working days per year (based on a five day week) plus an additional 35 days (25 leave days plus 10 public holidays).  Note that the monthly salary incorporating leave compensation will only balance out if the employee works for the full academic year!



2.135 Due to the annualisation of salary, only exceptions to normal attendance should be annotated on timesheets, e.g. self-certified sick, doctor certified sick, special paid leave, unpaid absence etc. in the case of monthly paid grades with regular hours.


Grading of Posts

2.136  The decision regarding the allocation of either LSA 1, LSA 2 and LSA 3 to posts within schools rests with the head teacher.


2.137 The head teacher will grade posts in accordance with the guidance given from HQ MOD Schools relating to the responsibility of the job description.  In situations where an LSA moves from one location to another for example a new contract of employment is to be issued.


2.138 The grading structure pertaining to classroom based support staff is LSA 1, LSA 2 and LSA 3.  Those contracted solely as lunchtime supervisors are to be graded at LSA 1.


2.139  Requests for a review of an established grade should be processed through the OC LEC HR.


2.140  Only grades that are predominantly classroom based (over 50%) fall within the LSA structure.


Multiple Contracts

2.141 Wherever possible LSA staff should be engaged on a single contract. 


2.142 Staff engaged as both classroom based workers and mid-day supervisors will be placed within the grade appropriate to their predominant duties and engaged on a single contract.



2.143 The regulations regarding special paid leave and unpaid leave are outlined within sub section 5 to this instruction, paras 2.045 onwards, and remain extant for LSA/CS/AS  grades.


2.144 The standard working year for LSA/CS/AS grades is 190 days.  A further 35 days to take annual leave and public holidays into account are added to this.  The total earnings are then divided by 12 and paid as a monthly salary.


2.145 Annual leave cannot be taken in term time and staff will be expected to work on public holidays (with supplements paid) when the school or equivalent setting is open.


2.146 On termination of service a calculation with regards to accrued leave in the current school year will be made and any underpayment will be effected in the following month.


Unpaid Leave and Unauthorised Absence

2.147 Staff who are authorised to take periods of unpaid leave or those with unauthorised absence will not accrue an entitlement to annual leave or public holidays for days they do not work.  The adjustment of the leave entitlement is included in any deduction required to be made for these absences.


Engagements that fall after the start of the school year and up to the end of February

2.148 If employment commences for example on (or after) the 17th September (school year 2011/12) a new employee will not have worked enough days by the end of the school year to accumulate the paid leave built into the calculation and as such this would lead to an overpayment. In such cases the DBS DEP Pay Team will calculate the difference in pay (the amount that would otherwise be overpaid) and inform the local LEC HR of the amount to be withheld from the salary each month. The deduction will be made in equal monthly amounts over the first full six months of the employment.


2.149A new employee will have the deduction (where applicable) explained to them by an LEC HR representative and be asked to sign a pay reconciliation notice as issued by the DBS DEP Pay Team prior to signing their employment contract. An example of the document generated by the DBS DEP Pay Team can be seen at Annex P to this instruction.


Engagements on or after 1st March each year

2.150  An employee commencing on or after the 1st of March will not be in a position to have 6 equal monthly payments deducted prior to 31st August.  Added to this, if deductions are made each month they would be unnecessarily high.  For this reason such staff will initially be placed on a supply contract with pay group 4 (this pay group caters for hourly paid staff paid retrospectively).  The supply contract will be amended with effect from 1st September to a standard annualized contract including the authorized working hours.


Moving to a new position or school within the academic year

2.151 Should an employee who is already in receipt of a regular monthly salary move to a new position or school without a break in service (i.e. the following day) then it will not normally be necessary for them to commence as an hourly paid member of staff in the new appointment. In such cases the LEC HR will consult with the DBS DEP Pay Team and inform the employee accordingly.


2.152 Any engagement or other situations not covered above are to be forwarded to LEC HR for further direction.


 Amendments to Contracted Hours

2.153 Contracted hours are only to be amended at the start of any term.  Form 24’s are to be annotated with any extra hours worked.  Any decrease in contracted hours is to be actioned in the month of occurrence in order to avoid overpayments.


Incremental Dates and Previous Service

2.154 Provided that the gap in service is no longer than 6 months, there will be no requirement for LSA staff to revert to step one of the incremental pay scale during the probationary period when changing school through in-theatre transfer of spouse.  Staff will serve a probationary period within the new school or setting but on their previous step.


2.155 Previous service with other units within Germany will not count toward an increase in incremental step on the LSA scale.  This is because no other unit employs staff in a classroom-based environment delivering the UK curriculum from age 3.


2.156 Staff joining on the LSA scale may have previous service with MOD Schools or LEAs in the UK counted towards an increase in incremental step.  Staff are required to complete Annex O to this Instruction.


2.157 If staff are promoted onto a higher grade on the LSA scale, the date that the new post was commenced will become the new incremental date.  Note:  the move from LSA 2 to LSA2Q as an example is not classed as an upgrading.



2.158 The job description for the post will determine if the post requires a full and relevant qualification and must demonstrate the requirement for sustained additional responsibility. The 'Q' rate is not awarded to the employee simply because they have achieved a full and relevant qualification.


2.159 Further phases relating to the recognition for qualifications will be added to these instructions when negotiations are completed.


Annual Bonuses

2.160 Leave and Christmas bonuses are not payable to staff employed within the LSA

grade structure.


Contracts of Employment

2.161 The type of contract to be issued will depend on both whether the authority is for a definite or indefinite period and also at what point in the academic year the employee commences.  The table below is designed to illustrate the type of grade to be used on initial employment as well as the working hours and pay group entry in the HR System.


Types of Contract

Type of Authority from Budman

Actual Employee Start Date


Type of contract to be issued

Remarks/further action required




Employee commences prior to 1st  March




Indefinite with hours entry in HR system.

Working hours entry NOT required on Form 24.

Pay Group 001.

Employee commences after 1st  March




Indefinite but with zero hours entry in HR system and contract.


LSS initially for technical reasons.  Working hours to be entered on Form 24.  Pay Group 004.

Contract amendment to be issued from 1st September to reflect technical grade change to LSA.  Hours entry required in HR system based on original or subsequent authority.

Definite (fixed period) for specific reason

(see below)



All employees regardless of start date




Fixed term/Definite


Zero hours entry in HR system

Working hours to be entered on BFG 24.

Pay Group 004.

Please note:  It may be possible to engage an employee on a definite contract in Pay Group 1, depending on the employment start and finish date. Contact LEC HR for further advice.

General Supply (As & when) Position


All employees regardless of start date




Contract may be definite or Indefinite depending on authority.

Zero hours entry in HR system.

Working hours to be entered on Form 24.

Pay Group 004.